The Top Corporate Gift Trends of 2018

  • Sep 30, 2018

Every year I tell myself that next year I will be one of those people who have all their holiday shopping finished by Halloween.  You know them, right?  They're the ones always asking if you finished your holiday shopping yet.  You haven't started it, but you kinda nod and chirp "almost!" while you imagine hitting them upside the head with something moderately heavy?


Well, I said it again last year, and here we are, it's October 1st and I haven't even gotten my Halloween decorations out of the shed.  There's every chance I will be in the mall December 23rd.  Have you ever been in the mall for like, five hours, because you had to do your entire gift list in one day?  And then you hit that wall where you just can't go another minute and if you try you will start screaming and end up surrounded by sweaty mall cops? I have purchased some of the worst gifts I've ever given in that moment.  And I know I've received at least three.  But you just don't care so you stick a bow on it, bring it to the holiday gathering, hand it over with a "happy whatever" and ask if there's any vodka.


Not when it comes to my nieces and nephews.  They get whatever they want and I buy their presents first.  Look at them, can you blame me?




But when it comes to brothers, sister-in-laws, cousins, aunts, uncles, you know, I don't know what to get.  I feel like asking, why am I still buying you stuff?  Oh, and by the way?  YOU OWE ME MONEY.

So with all of that and of course, fun family holiday drama! to look forward to, I get my corporate gifts chosen and finished early.  You should too, it will be one less thing you have to worry about, and you won't run into the inevitable stock issues.

Below, I'm going to talk about the top trends in corporate gifts for 2018.  We have some exciting new products just out this week too!  Closer to the end of the year, when I've been hitting the eggnog, I am thinking about blogging a list of my Top Five Family Holiday Drama Incidents, so don't forget to come back!  We can swap stories.


Stainless Steel Barware

Stainless steel barware is so on-trend and sophisticated for 2018.  Any of these below would make an impactful corporate or employee gift that will be kept and used.  You can click on any of the pictures for product details.


First up, stainless steel, vacuum insulated, stemless wine tumblers.  Corkcicle started this trend, and in fact, Oprah has it on her "must have" list.  I will show you the Corkcicles further down, but I wanted to start with something brand new.  I am LOVING these trendy colors, especially the rose gold that is pictured.  And, if you would like to gift a set of these, we can also put them in a custom, full color gift box for a real WOW factor.


top corporate gift trends for 2018



The classic Corkcicle.


top corporate gifts of 2018



The 12 ounce CeCe is gorgeous, high quality, and available in a wide selection of colors.  A Snag Your Swag best seller and hot pick.


top corporate gifts 2018


The Napa Wine Gift Set is a prestige gift that will impress your clients and elevate your brand.


top corporate gift trends 2018



Retail Packaging


Retail level packaging has drastically improved in the promo industry over the years, and now it's just flat out leading edge.  I am going to show you some incredible items that come with high end retail packaging, but also know that if you want to choose several items on your own, and your quantity is decent, we can custom create the packaging for anything.


The Sonosphear Bluetooth Speaker.  I really don't know if you could find a more awesome corporate gift for 2018.  I think anyone would love to receive this.  The sound is amazing, and this has a huge, full color imprint space.  You can even imprint pictures, maybe of your city, a famous bridge in your city, etc.  Your team.  Whatever you want.  And check out the gorgeous retail packaging this arrives in.


top corporate gifts of 2018top corporate gifts of 2018


Laguiole® Black Cheese & Serving Set.


top corporate gift trends of 2018


Sierra Copper Vacuum Gift set.


top corporate gift trends 2018



As promised, here is our New Product of  the week!  You know from reading our blog that wireless charging tech is the biggest tech trend of 2018.  It's exciting how it is being incorporated into so many awesome corporate gifts, backpacks, mouse pads, etc.  Well check out this cutting edge, on trend newbie, the Wireless Charging LED Lamp:


top corporate gift trends of 2018



Thank you for reading, and we will continue this mid-week with some further picks in corporate gift trends for 2018.  In the meantime, please peruse our hottest corporate gifts of 2018 showroom here.  Constantly updated with new trends and the best new corporate gifts of 2018.

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