Summer 2024 Swag Trends: What's Heating Up in Promotional Products

  • Apr 3, 2024

You've arrived at the perfect spot if you're on the hunt for the latest new trends in trade show giveaways for summer 2024. Tired of the same old options and craving something new and exciting? You've definitely hit the jackpot by landing here!

Summer swag holds a special place in our hearts—maybe it's our love for summer, or maybe it's just something magical about summer events. Even when they're corporate! They're so much fun that we kick-off every summer by sending out our "Summer of Swag" gift boxes to our clients. Stick around, and I’ll share a glimpse of what we’ve got lined up for this year.


First, let's get started with a trend report on hot new promotional items for all of your summer 2024 corporate events.  You will be able to click on any of the pictures for more details and pricing.


Our new Waterproof Floating Vibe Speaker was released just in time for summer.  I am already picturing myself floating in a pool, my Vibe Speaker floating next to me, margarita in hand.  I do love margaritas!  


summer 2024 promotional item ideas




We are very high on our awesome GlowSip LED Coaster Duo for summer giveaways.   A two-in-one featuring LED colors!


best trade show giveaway ideas 2024




Next up is our just released EcoSpike Bamboo Buddy.  This one is going to take you everywhere.  The beach, the golf course, BBQ's, and festivals.  Your brand will be staked out!  This is a full-color stake with a cup holder AND a phone holder.  The ultimate summer accessory, and it comes in retail-level individual packaging.


top corporate gift ideas summer 2024



We do things different at Snag Your Swag.  Our motto is "This is Swag.  Elevated."  Our new SensaSphere Stress Balls give a perfect example of that.  These are stress balls - elevated!


new trade show giveaways 2024





Our next new for 2024 trade show giveaway screams summer fun!  We love this slap can cooler that is shaped like sunglasses.


new trade show giveaway ideas summer 2024




This one is a classic.  The Igloo.  It brings back immediate memories of beach days with my parents.  Fun, sun, sodas...of course my dad had some beers tucked in there.  You know that!  Your clients are going to love it. 


best new corporate gifts 2024



Okay, as stated in the opening paragraph, I am going to give  you a sneak peak at what's going to be inside of our Summer of Swag boxes this May.  We kick off by shipping them out just prior to Memorial Day.


The showpiece will be this gorgeous Beach Blanket Tote.  This is a tote that converts into a beach towel, or, a beach towel that converts into a tote.  You could look at it either way!  I love the colors on this one, the incredible usefulness, the two-gifts-in-one appeal, and the sweet summer vibe.


new corporate gift trends 2024



Then we are adding in our ChillyTab Combo - a full color can cooler that comes in a set with a cap cover.  You can see the cap cover in this picture.  A clever way of keeping sand and bugs outta your drink!  We love this one.


trending trade show giveaways summer 2024



And finally, you need a snack at the beach or the pool right?  We are adding in these kiss gummies because we love our clients!


new promotional product ideas 2024



Thank you for reading, and while you are here, please browse our Hottest Trade Show Giveaways of 2024 showroom here.  And our Best Corporate Gifts of 2024 showroom here.

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