The Top New Eco-Friendly Promotional Products 2024

  • Feb 25, 2024

Looking for the best new ideas in eco-friendly promotional items for 2024?  You've come to the right place.  The promotional industry continues its shift to far more eco-friendly products, reflecting a broader societal mindfulness about sustainability.  No longer a trend, this is a lifestyle that is here to stay.  You won't find younger marketing pros looking to give away branded single-use plastic water bottles.  You will never find that again.  It's a bygone era and will stay in the past.  But are eco-friendly corporate giveaways boring?  Au contraire!

Let Snag Your Swag guide you through our curated picks of the most exciting and fun eco-friendly and sustainable promotional products released in 2024.

Walking through the Vegas New Product Expo in January made it more obvious than ever that sustainability is exciting, it's new, it's fresh, it's fun, and it's responsible.  It's really hard not to feel excitement when you see so many gorgeous, high-end, and really clever eco-friendly products under one (very large) roof.  Of course I had my Snag Your Swag branded stainless steel straw with me to navigate the after-show drinks. And there were plenty of those but you know what they say!  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...even when it's eco-friendly!

Allow me to show you some of the most innovative products I saw that can take you through all of your 2024 and beyond corporate events.  You can click on each picture below for product and ordering details.


Custom drinkware made from recycled stainless steel is here.  We love this new development in sustainability and below are some of our favs. 

 Eco-Friendly Custom Drinkware

Our new 20 oz stainless steel double walled bottle is gorgeous, sleek, and made from recycled stainless steel.  But wait, there's more!  What is the "second use packaging" mentioned in the description?  Oh, just this.  Isn't that awesome?  As if retail-inspired packaging wasn't enough, the packaging itself converts into a cord organizer. 


eco friendly drinkware 2024




Looking for a larger capacity bottle?  We've got that too.  Same line as above, recycled steel, individual retail-inspired second use packaging.  And on this one the packaging converts into an audio amplifier.  You can see that coolness here. 


best eco friendly promotional items 2024




Eco-Friendly Notebooks


Introducing  our new Harvest Notebook line.  Sustainable notebooks made from fruit fibers!


best eco friendly swag 2024





Our gorgeous new notebook filled with recycled lined paper, and covered with recycled PU and a bamboo accent. 


eco friendly custom notebooks 2024


Sustainable Tech Swag



Your clients and employees will love this new speaker made from recycled ABS plastic featuring a built-in subwoofer, a full color imprint, individual retail-inspired second use packaging.  The packaging converts into a note holder which you can see here. 


new eco friendly swag ideas





Our new for 2024 FSC® 100% Wood MagClick™ Fast Wireless Power Bank.  




eco friendly tech swag 2024




Eco Friendly Tote Bags


The new line that most excites us is the FEED bag line.  You may know about these already having seen them on social media.  This company famously feeds children with some  of their profits, thus  the name.  FEED bag.  We love the chic look, but we really love the mission statement.  Looking good while doing good is brand mission number one in today's world.  And of course, made of 100% organic cotton. We have 5 different styles available for every budget, and here is our favorte.


custom FEED bags




We also love our handy rePETe Totes.  So convenient to carry in your handbag, workbag or backpack. 


eco friendly custom tote bags 2024





Eco Friendly Backpacks


Here at Snag Your Swag, we've always been partial to a roll-top backpack.  So when we saw this one, made from recycled polyester  at the new product expo in January, we really fell in love.  It's so stylish and sleek, and it comes with a hangtag which transforms into a luggage tag!  You can see that transformation here. 


eco friendly custom backpacks 2024




We also love this wildly stylish 15" laptop backpack from Topo Designs, with its tough, 1000D recycled nylon base.


best eco friendly backpacks 2024






Eco Friendly Apparel


With spring and summer 2024 winking at us (come on already!), we are buzzing about Bella + Canvas' new Unisex EcoMax tshirts.  Created from 65% recycled polyester and 35% recycled ring spun cotton.  Just waiting for your design!


eco friendly tshirts screenprint



And below, our new eco-friendly polo shirt for those summer golf days!


eco friendly polo shirt with logo




Finally, we want to close with a Snag Your Swag hot pick for best trade show giveaways of 2024, our new Bamboo Handypro 5-in1 Tool pen.  Definitely click and pick up some of these while you're here.


hottest trade show giveaways 2024

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