Best Corporate Gifts 2017

  • Sep 24, 2017

Our ongoing blog series exploring the Best Corporate Gifts of 2017 picks up today with hot tech gifts.  I do a lot of promo products including many high end gifts.   What everyone in my family and social circle hounds me for are portable power chargers and charging cords.  I don't know why they don't buy them at the store. I may do a psychological study on them, but honestly, with that crowd, there are more pressing issues I'd have to study before I got to why they can't purchase items that will keep their phones charged. we delve into 2017's hottest tech gifts, I am going to keep in mind usefulness and everyday use.  We all need our phones. Some of us may resent it, and maybe all of us aren't addicted, but we need our phones.  We run our businesses on our phones.  We keep in contact with our kids on our phones.  We read our rageaholic relatives' latest Facebook conspiracy rants on our phones.  


My favorite is  my uncle who writes long, nearly incoherent Facebook posts about how his Facebook page is being monitored and then screams out at the end:

"COME AND GET ME YOU %$#@#$%%"


Yep, we need our phones.  So with that  in mind, here are some of Snag Your Swag's Best Corporate Gifts of 2017.  Click on pictures for product details and pricing:



The TenFour


Best Corporate Gifts 2017

 10,400 mAh of brand power and a full color imprint space.


The Juicebox


Best Corporate Gifts 2017

4,000 mAh of power uniquely packaged as an actual juice box.  Full color imprint space.


Mophie Power Boost 


2017's Best Corporate Gifts

20,800 mAh of Mophie awesomeness.  



2600 mAh Flashlight Powerbank


2017's Hottest Corporate Gifts


2,600 mAh of power AND  flashlight. 


Squid Power Bank


2017's Hottest Corporate Gifts

4,000 mAh of power that attaches securely to your phone. 



Power Bank Charger with LED Display


2017's Best Corporate Gifts


2,200 mAh of power with an LED display.  



Two Tone Mega Capacity Power Bank Charge


Best Corporate Gifts of 2017

4,000 mAh of power with an LED flashlight


Loop+ Full Color Awesomeness 


Corporate Gifts Best  2017


The Wherever/Whenever Full Color Cable Connector Keychain


 Our next blog post will explore more hot tech gifts.  And don't forget to check out Snag Your Swag's picks for Hottest Corporate Gifts of 2017 here. 

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