Trending Trade Show Giveaways for 2018

  • Jan 21, 2018

So, you have some big trade shows and conferences coming up.  You have a cool kid vibe to your brand, and you've already done PopSockets.  What now?  Fidget spinners?  Just kidding!  That would be like you're coming to NY, ask me what's THE hot play to see, and I answer "CATS".  Don't give away fidget spinners in 2018.  They had their moment, or 15, in 2017.  If you want to give out something fidgety and cool, we've got that.  It does not have to be fidget spinners.

But onward to your current problem: a certain budget, a cool brand, and  already did PopSockets.  BTW, if you haven't already done PopSockets, get Popsockets.   Because PopSockets are cool, like your brand.  

The first thing you can do to give an ordinary giveaway a current vibe is play with color.  Purple is the color this year.  The people at Pantone, who know about such things, have deemed it so by making Ultra-Violet the color of the year for 2018.  And indeed, at the new product expo I have to admit I gasped at some of last year's drinkware done in bold and awesome new grapes and eggplants and violets.  Yes, it was fresh and it was cool, and I really wanted it.   And that's what great Swag is about.  

But we're not going to talk about drinkware in this post because you have a budget.  Here is what we will talk about: Best Trade Show Giveaways for 2018 that vibe and don't break the bank.  Click on the pictures below for more details:



Silicone Phone Pocket with Finger Strap

Love this one with its one-handed sturdiness.  It gives you a firm grip on your phone, and one-hand texting capability while also serving as a phone wallet. 


2018's best trade show giveaways





Pearl Essence Mint Container

I don't want to be mean but we all know folks who need some mints at trade shows.  Actually, maybe we all need some mints at trade shows and the thing is some know it, and some don't.  Anyway, while you are freshening up their breath you can also freshen up your brand because you don't have to give out the old credit card mints.  Love these new for 2018 pearlized mint balls that have a nice metallic sheen to them.  Metallics are a big trend in 2018 especially with millennials. 


2018's best trade show giveaways


The Tech Taco!


We are really high on this for 2018.  We love the nearly unlimited color choices.  These really pop and dress up your booth!  The price is fantastic and leaves you room to add in some matching ear buds or a charging cord to wrap inside of the awesome tech taco.  Either way, paired up or alone, this is a trendy, techy, giveaway.


2018's best promotional items


RFID Data Blocking Phone Card Sleeve


An awesome 2018 update on the now iconic phone wallet.  Holds your credit cards AND protects them from thieves, all while looking cool.


best trade show giveaways 2018



Metallic Lip Balm Ball


These hit big in December of 2017 and have not let up.  People love these.  Partly because metallics are so hot on retail right now, and in fashion, and partly because, well, nobody likes dry chapped lips!


best trade show giveaways of 2018


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