The Top 11 Corporate Gifts for Holiday 2022

  • Jun 4, 2022

Wondering what customized gifts to give your clients and employees in 2022?  Here are the top 11 corporate gifts of 2022, and your logo is going to look great on them:


1)  Customized Drinkware.  I don't know if I'm obsessed with branded water bottles because I'm in this business, or if I got into this business because I'm obsessed with branded water bottles.  But I love them.  And when you elevate your choices, these will last many years because no one is ever going to throw these away.  This is branding that lasts.  Here are some of our top choices for custom drinkware this year, and easily taking you into 2023.  You can click on the pictures for product details:

The fabulous 16 oz ASOBU® MOONSHINE



top corporate gifts 2022



The stunning 20 Oz. Oasis Water Bottle


the best custom drinkware for 2022



When you've got looks and brawn!   The impressive Basecamp Arcadia 18oz Mug


the best custom drinkware for 2022 corporate gifts




2)  Custom Blankets.  Always so popular for corporate holiday gifts.  Here are our top picks that really make an impression.  Just click on the pictures for product details.


The incredibly soft and cozy Mink Sherpa Blanket

custom blankets for 2022 corporate gifts




Our fabulously on-trend, comfy plaid blanket


custom blankets corporate holiday gifts 2022




 3) Custom Wireless Chargers, always popular, useful, and impactful.  Here are a few of our favs.  Click on pictures for product details:


The Docksy will really blow everyone away.  This is a 3-in-1 charging dock with a full color imprint. 


the top tech giveaways of 2022


The Octoforce is so impressive.  We did this one with a picture of the NYC skyline and the words "We wear our sunglasses at night" and we still hear about it a year later!  People tell us their spouse stole theirs, can they please have another one.  Just awesome


the best tech giveaways of 2022




4)  Bluetooth Speakers.  I have never met anyone who wouldn't love to grab a new Bluetooth speaker.  Definitely put your brand on one of our top picks.  Click on pictures for product details:


I'm going to give you two very different price points for speakers.  Both are very cool and both play awesome tunes.  First up is our  amazing Thumpah wireless Speaker


new corporate gifts 2022



The second is our new Cylinder Shape Speaker.  Effortlessly cool. 



best corporate gifts of 2022



5)  Custom Ear Buds and Headphones.  Everybody loves their tunes, so here are some top choices you can rock your brand on:


If you are thinking ear buds, our new Amplifiears Wireless Earbuds are IT.  And look at the full color imprint, it goes across the case and also on the buds themselves.  Just a WOW impression. 


trending corporate gifts 2022



If you would prefer headphones, I present you with our new for 2022 Ekosphear ANC Headphones.  


best corporate client gifts of 2022


6)  Food Gifts.  Everybody  loves food!  I am going to recommend you skip the popcorn, unless it's gourmet popcorn, like cookies and cream, which we have, and is sooo good!  But first, let's start with the most amazing brownies.  We do these every year for Halloween and we cannot skip a year, because there would be a revolt.  These are that delicious.


Presenting Fairytale Brownies.  These are the Magic Morsels, but this is a full line, and you can get them in a tin, or different varieties.  Always a big hit. 


custom food gifts for clients 2022

 And here is the custom cookies and cream gourmet popcorn.   Addictive!  We can do these in layered tubes with several different choices of gourmet popcorn too!

top custom food gifts for clients 2022



7)  Custom Apparel.   Corporate apparel stays in the top five gifts, always.  Obviously, the choices are nearly endless, but you come here for the latest and the greatest, so I am going to give you the newest, most on-trend, high-end hoody out here.  


Here is our new Tentree Space Dye Hoodie in both men's, and women's.  You can click on the individual pictures below for details on both:


corporate custom apparel for 2022



new corporate apparel for 2022 gifts



8) Custom Socks!  What is more fun?  If your company hasn't done socks yet, you are missing out.  Here are two of our favorites:


 custom socks for 2022 corporate gifts





custom socks for corporate holiday gifts 2022


9)  Portfolios.  Always love these, so I am going to show you two of our favorites.  One a tech portfolio, and one classic. 


First up is our gorgeous Cambridge Wireless Charging Portfolio.


best corporate tech gifts of 2022




And now for a classic beauty.  The Moleskin. 


best corporate gifts for 2022

10) Backpacks are a classic corporate gift, especially for your employees.  Here are some of our top choices:


First up is the classic Herschel backpack.  Here is where you put your brand on a high-end retail brand, elevating it all.  These will be kept, used, and excitedly displayed. 

custom herschel backpacks


The Rugged Basecamp Concourse, a best-selling favorite.


top custom backpack trends 2022




And our Finley Backpack, a favorite around here.  


custom backpacks 2022



11) Retail Level Tote Bags, these high end, on-trend tote bags will be used over and over again.  


First up is our favorite, the Costanza Tote.  We have done these in the past, and will do them again, because they were incredibly well-received.  I kept a couple for myself and use them all the time.  


custom tote bags corporate gifts 2022




Next up is our gorgeous Montauk Tote.


custom tote bags for corporate gifts 2022


There are the top 11 corporate gift categories for your holiday client, employee recognition, and event gifts for 2022.  And any of our suggestions are going to take your brand through 2023 and beyond.

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