The Best New Trade Show Giveaways of 2020

  • Jan 4, 2020

What are the hottest trade show giveaways for 2020 right now?    We love new swag, and we are constantly at expos and shows curating the best new swag for you.    Let's take a look at some of the coolest new giveaways for your 2020 shows and events.  We will constantly be updating this throughout the year and into 2021.  Bookmark us because when it comes to cool swag if we don't know about it, it's not worth knowing about!



First, I want to show you this amazing new tshirt.  What's so amazing?  Well, there are no setup charges, no screen charges, and no flash charges.  Plus, the price INCLUDES up to 2 imprint locations, and up to 8 imprint colors.  This is unheard of and we are so excited to bring this to our clients.   And, as if that wasn't enough, this is from the BASECAMP® line so a portion of your purchase goes to The Wounded Warrior organization.  This all adds up to an amazing giveaway for your 2020 trade shows, summer events, and employee appreciation gifts.  Click on the picture for ordering details:



 best trade show giveaways of 2020


Ear Bud Holders with carabiners that you can attach to your gym bag, water bottle, bicycle, just about anywhere, are going to be huge this year.  We don't want to take our charging cases with us, and this is the on-trend answer.  Here are three of our favs.  Click on any of the pictures below for product details:


best new trade show giveaways of 2020


hottest trade show giveaways of 2020




2020's hottest trade show giveaways



Cool new swag for your phone.  Click on any picture for further details: (Don't you love on the first one where it says "phone not included"?  Like someone is gonna think, "oh look you get the phone too! what a great trade show giveaway for 2 bucks!"  I laugh every time.)


2020's hottest trade show giveaways


new promotional products for 2020



best new trade show giveaways 2020



hottest trade show giveaways right now 2020


The latest and greatest in charging cables will be great giveaways for your 2020 trade shows.  Everybody needs these and here are new favs:


hottest promo products of 2020





hottest promotional products of 2020



hottest trade show giveaways for 2020




The Light-Up trend continues into 2020 with lots of amazing new options!  Here are two of our early favs:


best trade show giveaways 2020



2020's best trade show giveaways




Mini-Blue Tooth Speakers are having a LARGE moment right now.  We all bring our tunes everywhere and these little guys deliver a big sound.  Here are a couple of our new 2020 favs:


new trade show giveaways 2020

hot trade show giveaways 2020





We love this unique giveaway for your events.   The Dip-Trip!  This is so cool and no one will be able to say "oh I already have one of those".  Full color imprint, fantastic packaging.  People will see these on the floor and ask others where they got it.  This will drive traffic to your booth:


unique trade show giveaways 2020



Blue Light Glasses are new, unique, and soooo COOL.   Definitely pick up some of these for your event and trade shows this year.  These make awesome conference giveaways too.

best trade show giveaways for 2020






With plastic being banned in so many places and Millenials (and don't forget Gen Z!) being socially conscious, everyone needs a convenient reusable bag to carry with them.  You will LOVE this unique retractable bag.


unique trade show giveaways for 2020

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