2017's Best Trade Show Giveaways

  • Aug 7, 2017

The CellSlip Phone Case. Love this new product. 


  • Made Of 600D Polyester
  • Conductive RFID Shielding Inner Liner
  • Blocks All Cellular, WiFi And Bluetooth® Signals, Including Incoming Phone Calls, Text Messages And Notifications While Sealed Inside The Case
  • For Complete Signal Blocking To Occur, Disconnect The Charging Cord From Phone Before Sealing It Up In The Case
  • All Voicemails, Text Messages And Notifications Will Appear After Removing Your Phone From Case
  • Eliminates Human Error While Driving By Providing A Physical Barrier Stopping The Urge To Check Your Phone
  • Fits Most Smartphones

This is a promotional product that can save lives, and is very needed.  Don't we all have a family member or loved one who refuses to stop texting while driving?   I know I do.  And I myself am tempted sometimes when I hear that ping.  How many times have  I asked myself, after looking at the incoming text, "Do I really want to kill someone, or die, over a text that so brilliantly says "k""?   Do I need to hear about my friend's latest date from hell, just when I'm driving? No, it can all wait!    


That's why as soon as I saw these, I ordered them to give out (and some to keep!).  Not only is this product perfect for schools, hospitals, and any safe driving campaign, but it makes a great trade show giveaway.  People will come to your booth to get this.  For themselves, for their children, their spouses, etc.  

This is a promotional item you can feel good about and that won't be thrown away.  


The CellSlip can be found here. 


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