Unique Corporate Gifts 2017

  • Oct 13, 2017

Retail Level Packaging 


There is no doubt that high end packaging takes a gift next level.   One small example is my own family.  In this business, December is obviously incredibly busy.   I don't always have time for personal holiday shopping, but I always make sure I have nice end of year holiday gifts for our clients.  Sometimes, I order extra so I can give them as gifts to my family.  Two birds, one stone, right?  Believe it or not I've been accused of giving them stuff "you get for free"! 

First of all, it's definitely not the thought that counts in my family.  I could tell you stories.  One of my nephews was counting his gifts and his sister's before he could talk!  I swear.  When he started bawling one year it took me a while to figure out he had counted, and she had more boxes.  What kind of family can count gifts before they can say "mommy?  Mine.  And, more importantly,  I don't get it for free!  They didn't want to hear it.

Last year, I chose gifts with high-end, retail packaging.  I noticed they were actually impressed!  Of course, they didn't say it, but the expressions on their faces were of surprise and pleasure.  And no "what's this free sh...(err, stuff) you are handing out"?

So yes, packaging makes a difference.   Today, I would like to present some of Snag Your Swag's hottest picks for retail level packaged gifts.  Please click on pictures below for item details and pricing.  The pricing on each of the below items include impactful, high end packaging.  


Tenfour External Battery Pack

Unique Corporate Gifts 2017

Kracken Cord & Power Bank


Unique Corporate Gifts 2017


Juicebox External Battery Pack


Best corporate gifts 2017


PowerPix External Battery Pack  


unique corporate gifts 2017


 Sonosphear Bluetooth Speaker


best corporate gifts 2017


Pionears True Wireless Earbuds


2017 best corporate gifts


Wrapsody Bluetooth Headphones


2017 best corporate gifts


Chill Vino 2 Go Wine Tumbler


2017 best corporate gifts


Vino-Tini 2-In-1 Glass


best corporate gifts 2017


 Oasis Water Bottle


best corporate gifts of 2017


Hot Chocolate Snowman Kit


best corporate gifts 2017


Large S'mores Campfire Kit (also available as microwave kit)


best corporate gifts 2017

The above are just a few examples in several different categories of luxe retail packaging.  We have lots more.  If you want to up your gift game this year, just give us a call and we will create the perfect custom packaging for your brand.  Don't stress.  We've got you.


And don't forget to browse Snag Your Swag's picks for Hottest Corporate Gifts of 2017 here. 

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