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  • Jan 1, 2018

First, don't forget to check out Snag Your Swag's picks for Hottest Trade Show Giveaways of 2018 here.

Okay, so we've closed out 2017.  How did the holidays go for you? 

If you didn't gain weight over the holidays, let's not talk about it, okay?  Nobody loves a braggart.  But guess what? I'm not sure that I did gain weight - so don't spread rumors!  There's another possibility.  This is what Bill O'Reilly tweeted last week:

“Here’s the Tip of the Day: many clothing companies have stealthily cut back on material, so order your stuff one size larger than you are,” he wrote. “I am 6’4”, 210 pounds and an XL used to do it. Not anymore. Now XXL.”

Now, a lot of people laughed at him.  Okay, I was one of them.  I laughed.  A lot.  But then I stopped laughing because I was like, hey, it's true he's, how to put this delicately...not a genius?  Still, isn't ignorance bliss?  Right.  So I decided to get myself a ticket on that denial train and ride it to the end, baby!   

So, here is my tip for you:  many clothing companies have stealthily, even sneakily, (while laughing) cut back on material, so order your stuff one size larger than you are.  A size 10 used to do it.  Not anymore.  Now, size 12!  

Anyway, let's move on to 2018.  I love the New Year.  It seems like anything is possible, right?  And it totally is!  

"What's the biggest 2018 trend in swag going to be?" you are probably asking me.  Well, it just so happens, I already know.  You can bookmark this and come back to it in December 2018, and if I was wrong, well... you won't get anything.  But I'm not wrong.  Mark it down.  The biggest swag trend of 2018 will be:



Everything is going wireless in 2018.  The big trends will be in wireless technology, especially, wireless ear buds, and the biggest of all; wireless charging.  Let's begin with the best of wireless charging technology. 


First, a little about the tech.  When wireless charging pads first arrived, if your phone did not have Qi capabilities, you could not use the charger without purchasing a Qi adapter.  Which, can be fine by the way.  Apple users would usually know they need the adapter.  Apple phones are not (WERE not, is now the more correct term) Qi compatible.  That's over.  The newest iPhones ARE Qi compatible.  However, if you want to cover yourself for iPhone users who do not have the latest iPhone, we recommend the first model, unique because it comes with a Qi adapter.  It also has a full color imprint, so we are pretty psyched about that!  This is a Snag Your Swag pick for the best new promotional product of 2018. We already have ours on order to send to our own clients as thank yous. Click on the pictures for product details





Best New Trade Show Giveaway of 2018

Best corporate gift of 2018


2018 best tradeshow giveaways




best conference gifts 2018




best conference giveaways 2018


The second big trend in wireless technology is, of course, wireless ear buds.  Below we are going to show you Snag Your Swag's picks.  First, a quick update on the tech.  There are wireless ear buds, and then there are the newer, "true" wireless ear buds.  Both are wireless in that they are bluetooth ear buds.  We will start with the regular wireless models:


 best trade show giveaways of 2018


2018's best tradeshow giveaways

2018's trending promotional products

best conference giveaways 2018


Now, we move on to the "True" wireless ear bud models.  These are not something you would normally do as a trade show giveaway, but rather for awesome conference giveaways, corporate gifts, employee recognition, and employee incentive programs.  However, they also make incredible "under the table" trade show giveaways.  In other words, that fantabulous giveaway you keep out of sight for those very special prospects/booth visitors.  


2018's best corporate gifts




best corporate gift of 2018

best corporate gifts of 2018


best corporate gifts 2018

And don't forget to check out Snag Your Swag's picks for Hottest Trade Show Giveaways of 2018 here.

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