Trending Corporate Gifts 2018

  • Feb 11, 2018

I was going to begin this blog post with "let's talk about corporate gift trends for 2018" but I got to "let's talk about..." and then that old song "let's talk about sex baby, let's talk about you and me" took hold and got stuck in my head.  I guess that's an earworm?  I can't be walking around with that song in my head.  What if I break out singing it at a Starbucks or something?  People don't appreciate that.  Don't ask me how I know. 

Let me begin again.  So, how about those corporate gift trends for 2018?  What do you see trending this year?  What's hot now?  What will still be hot in December?  What about the best conference giveaways for 2018?   What's going to elevate my brand and excite people?

We've already done an earlier blog post about the wireless charging trend.  Since that is THE tech trend right now, there are some awesome new releases on that front though, and we will get to them a bit down further. 

First I want to talk about two other big tech trends that I haven't written about yet.  The first is levitation.  Yes, really, levitation!  I am sooo into this.   The big thing is levitating bluetooth speakers, and they are awesome!  But first I want to show you this (click on pictures for product details):


The Floating Globe

The Floating Globe is a one-of-a-kind product that fuses design with technology,. This product flawlessly levitates over a magnetic base that helps it to continuously rotate.   What a conversation starter!  This is so fantastic for executive gifts.

Trending corporate gifts 2018

 Floating Bluetooth Speaker


 trending corporate gifts 2018



 Levitating Bluetooth Speaker with Bamboo Veneer Base


best corporate gifts of 2018


Above are three of Snag Your Swag's top picks for the best corporate gifts and conference giveaways of 2018.


The next big trend in tech I want to show you is selfie drones.  These are just jaw dropping, you take these out of their box and the entire office gathers.  Imagine it at your trade show booth!  Your job conference?  And of course, as corporate and employee gifts.  This one's for the cool kids.  We've got a few of these, but I want to show you our favorite model because it comes with retail level packaging and a big, full color, digital imprint space.  


2018 best tech giveaways



Now let's check out some of the latest releases in wireless technology!


This first one is a favorite of mine because it comes with a 4 color imprint AND a Qi adapter for iPhones earlier than the 8.


best corporate gifts 2018


I really love this next one because it is so hot looking and even comes in an elegant box.  All black, stunning presentation.


UFO Style QI Wireless Charger 


2018 Best corporate gifts


Okay, that's it for now, more to come later this week.  In the meantime don't forget to check out Snag Your Swag's picks for hottest corporate gifts of 2018 here, and hottest trade show giveaways of 2018 here.  

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