Trending Corporate Gift Ideas For 2017

  • Oct 24, 2017

Emerging Trends


Welcome to our continuing series "The Best Corporate Gifts of 2017".  Today I want to write about one of my favorite topics; emerging trends.  I love emerging trends because I love spotting them.  And I have considerable talent at doing so.  If I hadn't fallen in love with marketing, this talent would have probably done nothing besides make me the trendiest new mom on the block. Until the day came that I was a grandmother and people looked at me and said "should you really be wearing that?"  Not that I haven't been asked that already anyway.  The answer was always "Yes!"  "Yes I can, yes I should".  And I was right.  Because  I have the eye.  

I mean, as talents go, it's a minor one.  Unless you are in marketing.  Here, it comes in handy.  BTW, I'm also pretty funny, and I was even voted the funniest poster on an internet  message board about fashion, but, I don't like to brag.  I elevate to hilarious after two drinks, or at least, I always remember it that way.  So those are my two talents.  The one that will be of most use to you is my eye for emerging trends.  But if you need cheering up, call me and I will make you laugh!

Today, I will tell you about the first emerging trend that will fully explode in 2018, and show you several new products available now for holiday 2017. 

We all already know that portable power bank chargers are huge and not going anywhere.  I have them all over the place, and at least two are always in my handbag.  It's the single most requested promotional product from family and friends.  Anytime I do them for Snag Your Swag and give them to clients, they love them.  No one throws away a portable power charger.  I recommend them nearly above all else if you really want to elevate your swag game, even at trade shows.  They can be a bit pricey for a trade show giveaway, but well worth it.  If budget constraints do not allow, then do something less expensive and add a smaller number of power  bank chargers for under-the-table giveaways for hot prospects who stop by your booth.  

And when it comes to holiday gifting, you cannot go wrong.  Now,  anyone who has experience with them, does know that they mostly come with the micro usb cord only.  Theoretically, this cord is only to charge the charger itself, but of course, it also charges many phones, most obviously the android.  It does not however, connect to an iPhone.  I always advise that most apple users are well aware they will need their own cords to connect to the charger and  it's not an issue.  But this year, what I have noticed is the introduction of the portable power bank charger  with built in cords, including an iPhone lightening cord.  They are really awesome, and I immediately ordered and started giving them out.

The response has been off the charts, earning Snag Your Swag orders from leading-edge Silicon Valley companies.  These products are newly introduced, picking up big in the final quarter of 2017 and poised for explosive growth throughout 2018.  If you want to send  out holiday gifts to your valued clients that are just ahead of the big trends, very cool, and incredibly useful, this is your pick.


Below are some great choices, please click on pictures for product details, as each selection has particular features.  For example, the Griptyte attaches to your phone, and the Kracken has a full color, full bleed, digital imprint. 


Griptyte Power™ 3000




 best corporate gifts 2017

Kracken Cord & Power Bank


unique corporate gifts 2017

Faux Leather Textured 5,000 mAh


best corporate gifts s2017


Spectro Integrated Power Bank 


trending corporate gifts 2017


Mophie Powerstation Plus 6000mAh Power Bank


hot corporate gifts 2017


Snag Your Swag expects the power bank with built in cords to hit the industry's Vegas new product expo in January in a huge way. (and oh yes, our team will be there and I will be live blogging it, so stay tuned).  These are five newly released instant best sellers, all of which have been used and tested by us.  We highly recommend any one of these for your corporate holiday gifting needs. 


And please browse our picks for Hottest Corporate Gifts of 2017 here. 



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