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  • Apr 4, 2018

I waste a lot of time on the internet.   For one thing, I like to think of myself as part of the Twitterati, whiling away hours making hilariously snarky remarks as my thousands of fans crack up.  I only have 103 followers though.  What, you're so great?

Mostly though, I like to shop.  I am the kind who squeals when I get a text alerting me that my latest Wayfair order has shipped.  And I love following trends in fashion and retail.  Listen, shopping could be a write-off because guess what?  Branding reflects retail and fashion trends.  I have to run this idea by my accountant.  I'm not sure he's talking to me right now though.

Anyway, like any rabid fashionista (and Mad Men fan) I follow Tom and Lorenzo on Twitter.  When I saw them tweet out this headline my heart raced:

"Translating the Trends for Spring 2018: Get Your DENIM On, Girl!"  

You can read the whole article here.  

"As you can see, it was all over the runways for spring. Not exactly a shock or a revolutionary turn of events, of course. We doubt anyone reading this has a wardrobe entirely bereft of denim. But sometimes, when it swings back around again as a high-fashion option instead of merely a fallback one, it can be a good time to freshen up what you’ve got by looking for a newer wash, an updated silhouette, or just a replacement for a worn-out classic. As you can see from the above runway selection, the trend now is about finding fresher ways to wear these classic looks."


So, is fashion's big spring trend impacting swag?  You bet it is!  All new for 2018, all fabulous, and all of our denim favorites below.  Whether for 2018 corporate gifts, trade show giveways, employee incentives, this is where it's at RIGHT NOW!

Click on pictures below for product deets. 


Main Post Personal Organizer

 A classic and trendy style,The Main Post iPad holder keeps you organized and tidy with its designated pockets and functional design. A designated padded sleeve that fits up to a 10.5 inch iPad keeps your device safe and protected while on the go. With pockets made for business cards, pens, charging cords and even a notebook, you'll have a spot for all the necessities. An exterior leather strap for reinforced closure, you'll feel comforted and stylish knowing you iPad is safe and secure.  Perfect for the cool kids, this is a Snag Your Swag pick for best trade show giveaways of 2018.


best trade show giveaways of 2018


Presidio Backpack


Need some killer corporate gifts or employee incentives?  Meet the new American classic pack that combines vintage-inspired design with modern-day features and comfort. With dedicated laptop and tablet sleeves, quick access features, charging cord port, and a total of 16 pockets including an RFID-lined pocket for security, the Presidio is the perfect pack with both style and functionality. The Presidio includes a memory foam back panel with luggage pass-through, adjustable shoulder straps with load stabilizers, and a sternum strap.  An amazing selection from Snag Your Swag's best corporate gifts of 2018.


best corporate gifts of 2018


Mega Cap Washed Denim Cap


Hats are having more than a moment, they're having a decade.  Millenials, Gen Z, you name it, we are all wearing hats.  You have to brand some hats peeps!  Snag Your Swag has the latest and the greatest of course.  We don't do your dad's hat.  Oh wait, yes we do.  Unstructured Dad Hats - HUGE right now.   Yeah, girls wear them too.  Get real okay?  I especially wear them during the summer when I'm biking.  I need protection because you can get skin cancer on your scalp.  Did you know that?  Make sure you get your scalp checked yearly!  (seriously, do)  Check out this amazing unstructured, denim cap.  Price includes 10 thousand stitches of embroidery.  And we can do ANYTHING on these.  Tipping?  Yep.  Puff embroidery?  Oh yeah.  Logo on the lining?  You bet!  Send us your logo and let us mock you up some awesomeness. 


2018's best trade show giveaways


 Or, upgrade with some Suede! with this cool version of the same hat:


best corporate gifts of 2018


 Ruckman Tech Roll


Tech accessory cases are right on trend for 2018, and we love this one, which would be cool even if it weren't denim.  Which it is. Pack it up, roll it in and be on your way! The Ruckman tech roll keeps cords, accessories and tech necessities all rolled up and stowed away, making it the perfect package for travel. Want to really make your brand go the extra mile? Fill it up with some of our best selling products for a gifts that'll never get old.  Love this for your 2018 trade show giveaways - order it and blow the competition away.  Next!  


best trade show giveaways 2018



 Hitchcock Passport Holder

Just love this one!  You’ve been dreaming of that overseas trip for months, and now it’s finally here. You’ll be on that plane and heading out in no time, if you can just manage to keep your passport safe and sound. No worries, the Hitchcock passport holder will protect your valuables while giving you a place to jot your notes down in the Small Book of Awesome (really, the Small notebook named "Small Book of Awesome" comes with).   We love this for trade show giveways, conference giveaways, and employee swag.  


best trade show giveaways of 2018


Merchant Luggage Tag

Perfect alone or matched with the Hitchcock Passport Holder above.  No longer do you have to fear the dreaded luggage carousel! A luggage tag that stands out from the rest, the Merchant tag will stand out boldly in a sea of boring bags. Write your name, tie it down, and hit the road—the Merchant will follow.  


2018 best trade show giveaways


Kolder Kaddy Denim Neoprene Can Cooler


Denim/High-Quality Neoprene ( Wetsuit Material ) collapsible can insulator with customizable colored stitching.  Is your color purple, green, neon?  We can do the stitching on these to match and create the perfect unique premium for your brands.  LOVE these for your summer 2018 trade show giveaways.


2018's best trade show giveaways

Denim Print Sunglasses

Okay, these are just too cute!  Hand these out all summer long and your brand will sizzle!  Match with a cute denim tote or some branded sunscreen for your best clients and your employees.  


unique trade show giveaways 2018


Denim Shopping Tote Bag

Yep, and here's the cute tote we just mentioned - Made Of 12 Oz. Denim. Front Pocket. 19" Cotton Handles. Spot Clean/Air Dry.  19" W x 17" H x 5 1/2" D


unique corporate gifts for 2018

Tech Taco Denim Neoprene


We just don't think any list of cool denim swag for 2018 would be complete without the totally adorbs denim tech taco!  Yes, you need this!


best trade show giveaways of 2018

Thank you for reading! And don't forget to check out our Best Trade Show Giveaways of 2018 showroom here, and our Best Corporate Gifts of 2018 showroom here.  We constantly updates these as new trends develop and awesome new swag hits the market!

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