Top Trends in 2021 Corporate Gifts From New Product Expo

  • Jan 18, 2021

January usually finds the Snag Your Swag team heading to Las Vegas for the yearly new product expo at the Mandalay Bay.  We really look forward to curating the best new swag of the year.  We see which trends are taking form, and how fast.  This year, of course, was different, and our expo went virtual.  


I missed seeing all my industry pals, but still had a week full of new products and inspiration.   Here are some of my takeaways for the best corporate gifts and event merch through 2021. 




This is a hot-on-retail trend that will stay fashion-forward through the year.   And what a fun one it is!  Here are some of my favorite tie-dyed swag items.  You can click on pictures for product details:

 best corporate gifts 2021



new corporate gifts for 2021



best corporate gifts 2021


top corporate gifts for 2021



corporate gift trends for 2021





The sustainability movement was never put on the back burner.  It may have seemed that way, for a hot minute in 2020, because for one example, plastic bags came back in grocery stores.  But they're gone again and will stay gone.   Younger consumers want brands that respect their values and one of those values is respect for the planet.   We saw so many exciting new eco-friendly products at the new product expo.  Let's dig in!  Click on pictures for product details:


eco friendly promo items 2021



eco friendly swag 2021






2021 Glow Ups.


We're all going to be zooming for the foreseeable future.  Zoom is one of those things too that once it's in your life it's not going anywhere.  So selfie ring lights and the ring light tripods will have a huge 2021.  Here is a new item in this category that I am majorly excited about.    Web cam covers kind of exploded onto the scene a couple of years ago, and are still very popular.  Look at this new one that incorporates the ring light into it:


best trade show giveaways of 2021




These aren't going to be in stock until late March, so depending on when you are reading this, you may have to preorder.  But this one is going to be HOT. 


New Drinkware.


So everyone who knows me, including my clients, knows I'm obsessed with drinkware.   We give a way a lot of tumblers, water bottles, camper mugs, etc for that reason.   Here are  my top curated picks of 2021 new drinkware releases:


top corporate gifts of 2021




best corporate gifts of 2021




corporate gift trends 2021



Branded Oreos.


Yes, there is a big branded oreo craze, brought about by mega stars like Lady Gaga, and yes, you should get some.  I mean, even if it there wasn't a craze right now (there is), how can you go wrong?  These are great for virtual event giveaways too!


 best virtual event giveaways 2021

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