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  • Dec 28, 2017

The PopSocket.  It's going nowhere.  The PopSocket trend just gets bigger and bigger in 2018 and beyond.  I took my teenage niece Christmas shopping, to Bloomies mind you, and she wanted a rose gold PopSocket.  I told her I could get her a rose gold PopSocket very easily, but can we look at boots since we are at, you know, BLOOMIES?   What is it with these kids today?  I should have had an aunt who took me to Bloomingdales, I would have known what to do with her, I can tell you that.  

But these excursions do serve to see what promo trends are being driven by that demographic.  In marketing, we all want to know what the Millennials, and their younger counterparts are loving.  I am a Millennial, but guess what?  I don't really consider myself representative of my generation.  For instance, I use this on MY phone.  I do need the one-hand convenience for texting and selfies all Millennials demand, but I also need my business cards on me at all times!   It really pays to have a much older brother and a young niece for demo testing.  I don't tell them that, of course.  

The PopSocket has also combined with another huge 2018 trend, metallics, which you can read about here. 

Snag Your Swag is loving the aluminum PopSockets, available in our fav, Rose Gold, as well as Space Gray, and Black.  


 top promotional items 2018


We will also continue to love the original PopSocket, especially when done in full color.  Send us your logo and some details about your event, your brand, and your goal for this promo, and we will work up some full color mockups for you to choose from.


best trade show giveaways popsocket


And of course, the PopSocket Pop-Clip Combo.  The Pop-Clip Combo enables you to mount your phone to your dashboard, mirror, refrigerator, bed post, wall, or locker using your PopSocket. Your PopSocket will snap easily into and out of your PopClip to enable hands-free viewing.  This was an immediate best seller upon its 2017 release, and has not slowed down.  When you really want to attract traffic to your booth, go with this.


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