Top Picks from the New Product Expo: Innovative Branded Merchandise for 2024

  • Jan 21, 2024

Walking into the 2024 New Product Expo last week was like entering a treasure trove of the future’s most promising branded merchandise for trade shows and corporate gifts. As we look ahead into 2024, the world of corporate branding and trade show swag is buzzing with innovation, creativity, and a keen focus on sustainability. This year’s expo unveiled a fascinating array of exciting new products that are set to revolutionize how businesses engage at trade shows, reward employees, and thank clients. From tech gadgets that seamlessly blend functionality with style, to eco-friendly items that speak volumes of a brand's environmental commitment, the expo was a showcase of not just products, but of emerging trends and ideas. In this post, we’ll dive into the best and most exciting finds, perfect for marketing managers, event planners, and HR professionals seeking to elevate their corporate branding.


First up, we discovered a groundbreaking line in the world of promotional products, where visionary design meets transformative functionality.; the EcoInnovate line.  This line isn't just about providing high-quality promotional items; it's about redefining the user experience through innovative and sustainable design. Each product in this series goes beyond its primary function, offering a secondary use that challenges traditional notions in the promotional industry with their second-use packaging. For example, imagine a pair of headphones not just for their sound quality, but for the box they come in, ingeniously transforming into a headphone stand. This line is a celebration of creativity and practicality, an embodiment of an eco-conscious lifestyle where every item tells a story and every package has a purpose beyond its initial use.  This line is the most exciting thing to happen in swag in years and we are thrilled about it.  Below are some examples from the EcoInnovate line.  Please click on the pictures for product details:


Pulse Future Tech Speaker

The Pulse Future Tech Speaker comes with true wireless capability, allowing you to pair two Pulse speakers for an immersive stereo sound experience.  The eco-packaging transforms into a pen and plant holder!   You can view the amazing packaging here


best corporate gifts 2024



OpenHear Flex Earbuds


The OpenHear Flex Earbuds boast a 120° Adjustable Rotation Angle Design, ensuring a snug and personalized fit atop most ears. This innovative design provides a secure, yet incredibly comfortable wear.  The eco packaging transforms in a really cool pen holder which you can see here. 

new corporate gift ideas 2024



Power Visionary Charger


Introducing the Power Visionary Charger, more than just a portable charger – it's a revolution in power technology. With its extraordinary 20000mAh capacity, the Power Visionary Charger is a beacon of energy for your array of devices, from smartphones to select laptops and more. The Power Visionary Charger's eco packaging transforms into an awesome night light!  You can see that here


2024 corporate gift trends




TriTune Harmony Hub

Introducing the TriTune Harmony Hub, a groundbreaking 3-in-1 device that seamlessly fuses a high-quality speaker, a potent portable charger, and state-of-the-art True Wireless Earbuds. TriTune's eco packaging transforms into a desk organizer which you view here

new 2024 branded merch



ChargePro Elite: The Future of Portable Power


With its sleek, futuristic design, the powerful ChargePro Elite stands as a testament to modern functionality and aesthetic appeal. The ChargePro's eco packaging transforms into a phone holder, which you view here


2024's promotional item trends


SilentSymphony Noise-Canceling Headphones


Enter a realm where the SilentSymphony Noise-Canceling Headphones revolutionize your listening experience.  This elevated corporate gift includes eco-packaging that transforms into an illuminated table!  Check this out here.  Amazing!


luxury corporate gifts 2024


PowerPlex 5-in-1 Charge Cord


The PowerPlex  is designed to be a standout giveaway, offering convenience and versatility in a compact package. It's an indispensable accessory for the tech-savvy professional, enhancing your brand's visibility with every use.  The eco packaging transforms into a note and pen holder which you can view here


top trade show giveaways 2024




Above are just a few picks from the new EcoInnovate line.  This line is truly revololutonary in the promo industry and will change things.  Beautiful retail packaging is certainly elevated, and's discarded.  The EcoInnovate line changes that by transforming the retail level, individual packaging on its forward-looking, sleek line into a second promotional item!  There's lots more in this line so give us a call to discuss!

Of course The Stanley Cup continues to be the huge drinkware trend.  And we would in no way diss that fact.  We sent the Stanley Cup to our own clients this past holiday as thank you's.  The responses were truly among the best and most excited we have ever received.  But we couldn't help but notice how many Owala's we were seeing when out and about.  Then we came across this article in NY Magazine, confirming our observations.  So we were thrilled to see the Owala entering the promo space at the new product expo.  Here is our fav Owala pick:

24 Oz Owala Freesip


custom owala water bottle with logo


If you don't care for The Stanley (you rebel!) or just feel it's played out, we are really high on the Owala for 2024 custom drinkware. 

We're pretty obsessed with backpacks here, so of course we went looking around the floor for the most interesting new releases in custom backpacks.  Here are a few that we just loved:


The AquaTrek Pro Backpack


custom backpacks with logo 2024


LaceVenture Sleek Pack


best corporate gifts of 2024


Our next post-show blog will look at the best new trade show giveaways we discovered in Vegas.  In the meantime, visit our best corporate gifts of 2024 showroom here.  And our best trade show giveaways of 2024 showroom here.  Constantly updated with the hottest new swag and latest trends - we recommend bookmarking both!




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