The Year in Swag

  • Jul 11, 2019

Woah, we're half way there 

Woah, livin' on a prayer 

Take my hand, we'll make it I swear


I know, I know.  What can I say?  Earworm!  But we are halfway through 2019, so this is a good time to take a look at the year in swag so far.  Isn't it good to take stock of anything and everything around mid-year?  No, I'm asking.  Is it?  Remember when you said you were going to be running 5 miles a day all summer?  How'd that work out?

Oh, you never said that?  I guess that was me.  Anyway, that didn't happen.  I blame the heat.  And Netflix.  Okay, okay, and Ben & Jerry!

Let's stick with reviewing trade show giveaways for 2019, okay?  That, I'm really great at!  Running, not so much.  You gotta go to Megan Rapinoe for that stuff. OMG I love her!  I feel like if she would just coach me, I could stop watching Netflix and be running.  Maybe not kicking a soccer ball, but I could be running after the ball.  It could happen.

 Okay, so about that swag!  I'm gonna say it, I called it.  Stainless steel straws went through the roof this year!  This is a trend that is beyond a trend.  First of all, it's not a fad.  Fidget spinners were a fad.  Stainless steel straws are a huge trend, that will turn into a mainstay.  The reason for that is obvious.  (It's our oceans, in case I'm wrong, and that wasn't obvious.)


The amazing thing is how many new colors and options and styles are on the market.  You can click on any of the pictures below to be brought to the items shown.  For stainless steel straws, we have created an entire separate showroom under eco-friendly giveaways.  We will continue adding to it as more and more eco-friendly swag is released:


hottest swag of 2019



Next up: Charging Cables.   These are amazingly popular and get cooler every month with new releases.  There isn't anyone who won't take one of these, and most importantly, keep it!  We are not looking to add to the landfills with junk that people throw away.  Snag Your Swag is all about the swag people will keep, use, and remember the company who gave it to them!  But that doesn't have to mean a high budget.  Enter: yep, charging cables.

Late last year there was an explosion of light-up-your-logo charging cables, and in 2019 we have even more of them to choose from, and they are still very on point.  But now we also have these awesome hot-on-retail styles.  Check them out:


The 2-In-1 Light Up Charging Cable


hot tech swag 2019


The 2-In-1 Light Up Charging Cable w/Snap Cable Wrap


hot trade show giveaways 2019




Now, these next two are slightly different - they illuminate your logo and are part of our best-selling Light-Up-Your-Logo line. 


best trade show giveaways of 2019



best new trade show giveaways 2019




Cyber Privacy:  A defining issue for our times.  There is no doubt.   For this reason, we have created a separate showroom for cyber privacy swag filled with our best-sellers and biggest trends in the field.  Please click on the below picture to browse the showroom.


hottest trade show giveaways of 2019

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