The Top Tech Trends in 2023 Promotional Items

  • Jan 1, 2023

Update your brand in 2023 with the newest in custom tech swag trends.  We love techy swag here, and the past couple of years haven't seen the usual number of exciting tech launches in promo.  For obvious reasons of course.  We are so excited for the big 2023 trend drops!  

The first big new trend is foldable wireless chargers.  These will be so amazing for your trade shows and corporate gifts.  Let's take a look.  You can click on any picture for product details and ordering information.


The Chi-Charge


top tech swag 2023 promotional products

The 3-Fold Charger


top tech swag 2023 promo items




The Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charger.


custom tech with logo


The already amazing built-in cable chargers get an upgrade with this awesome new magnetic wireless charger/power bank combo.  


The Magnetic Wireless Charger & Power Bank 10,000mAh


custom tech merch 2023






Natural materials and eco-friendly swag continues to grow.  Here are some of the best new releases in this "the future is here" category.  My first pick is the Cherry Wood Earbuds, because cherry wood has always been my absolute favorite. 


Cherry Wood TWS Wireless Earbuds and Charger Case


corporate gift ideas 2023



Eco-Friendly Foldable Wireless Charger


eco friendly promo items



We love this new charging cable for your eco-conscious trade show giveaways.

Eco-Friendly Multi-Use Charging Cable

eco friendly trade show ideas



Here is an amazing tech product that will elevate your corporate gifts, employee gifts, and high end event giveaways. 


Chi-Charge Mug Warmer


corporate gift ideas for 2023




Wireless chargers have gotten even more powerful.  I want to show you this new-for-2023 option below, and also recommend you read our blog post "everything you need to know about custom chargers" here.  This will tell you everything you need to know about mAh as well as power levels of wireless chargers. 


Power Ring 15W Wirelesss Charger with Ambient Light


custom wireless charger with logo



Above are some of the top new releases in tech swag as of January 2023.  The second week of January the Snag Your Swag team is set to jet off to the New Product Expo in Las Vegas.  The industry's largest new swag expo.  We will be reporting back with even more new trends.

Keep an eye on our Best Trade Show Giveaways of 2023 showroom here.  And our Best Corporate Gifts of 2023 showroom here.  That's where we drop the newest and best swag as it is released all year long. 



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