The Top Promotional Product Trends for 2020

  • Jan 16, 2020


Okay everybody, it's that time of year again!  We are in Vegas for the new product expo, the largest trade show in the promo industry.  This is the week every year where we get to see the best new swag, corporate gifts, and trade show giveaways.  It's when we can spot emerging trends as well as trends that are sticking around through 2020 and beyond.  After walking literally miles at the Mandalay Bay, for 3 days, I'm sitting in my room kind of exhausted, but also really excited!  I saw such exciting trends taking shape, and I cannot wait to share them with clients.  Right now what I want to do is put together the top trends for trade show giveaways in 2020.  Here we go:


1.  Sustainable Swag.


Without a doubt, sustainability is THE biggest thing in the swag industry, because guess what?  It's the biggest thing in the world.  It's on retail, it's in the fortune 500, the tech giants, your local grocery store, it's everywhere.   It's beyond hot, and it's not a trend, it's now and it's the future at the same time.  


Snag Your Swag has a dedicated showroom for the best eco-friendly promo products of 2020 right here.   Definitely bookmark this if you want to keep up to date on sustainable trends and swag, because we update this constantly with the best new releases.


Here are a few of the most striking new eco-friendly products I saw in Vegas.  Click on the pictures for products details:


The Earth Travel Mug:  I loved this one!  Made from bamboo fiber, it has a matching silicone sleeve, amazing color choices, and it comes in really great packaging.  It's also one of Oprah's "favorite things" of the year:


best eco-friendly promo products for 2020


Wheatstraw Fiber Sunglasses:  These have such an amazing price point that I really wasn't expecting much but I was very happily wrong.  These are awesome sunglasses to give out with your brand on them and they really feel fantastic.  They look great on too!



hottest trade show giveaways of 2020




Packable Totes:  With counties, towns, and cities outlawing single-use plastic grocery bags every day across the country, reusable totes have become a must-have.  We love the packable ones, because let's face it, we all want one in our handbags and duffel bags right?  I chose this new model, the Riposte, because it's a great size, packable, and most attractive of all, the price includes a full-coverage 4-color process sublimation imprint.  Our design team can do amazing things with this tote, just send us your artwork and let us show you.


best trade show giveaways 2020 


2.  The AirPod Life:   AirPods are the Zeitgeist, period. They define our era, and 20 years from now they will be instantly recognizable as a symbol of the 20's.   In other words; Iconic.   It follows that AirPod accessories are imbued with all of that.  Put your brand on it, and you are part of the Zietgeist.  Instantly.  Now that's the kind of thing an ad agency would charge you tens of thousands of dollars to accomplish.  Snag Your Swag delivers a much better ROI right here, take a look:


I LOVE this silicone phone wallet with the AirPod loops!  This is brand new and won't even be available until March 1st, but you need this on your radar NOW.  Definitely preorder if you have a cool event from late March on.  These are exclusive and we will have trouble keeping them in stock.


 hottest trade show giveaways 2020



Colorful Silcone AirPod Cases:  Trade show attendees are just going to grab these, and best?  They're going to KEEP these.  They are going to USE these.  People are going to SEE these, and that means impressions for your brand are off the charts:



2020's hottest trade show giveaways


Loving this whole concept but you're fancy?  Say hello to the Tuscany, fancypants!


best trade show giveaways of 2020



3.  Techy Swag.  Hey, it's the 20's and we're all living that techy life.  We all want to know what's new in tech.  So here are some of the coolest tech swag new releases we saw at the 2020 Vegas new product expo:


So, first and foremost for me, was the Crumbee.  I have huge crumb issues!  There are always crumbs on my desk, my seat cushions in the car, you know, pretty much everywhere.  What, you're so perfect?  Well, I basically had to be dragged away from the Crumbee on the trade show floor, but no worries, I've already ordered these!


the best tech swag 2020




This is a really great wireless speaker that also has a phone stand.  A perfect dual-purpose tech giveaway at an awesome price point:


hot trade show giveaways for 2020





This hand gesture controlled drone caused a big stir on the trade show floor, and you can see why.  This is exciting, new, unique, and some amazing tech!



best tech giveaways of 2020

Another fantastic dual-purpose tech item, the TWS Auto Pair Earbuds & Wireless Pad Power Case.  This one is really cool, you have your true wireless ear buds, the case which charges them, and THEN, this case will also wirelessly charge your phone!


hot tech giveaways 2020





It was love at first sight when I set eyes on this Retro Bluetooth Speaker.  When you absolutely are too cool for school!



best trade show giveaways 2020




Look at this gorgeous woodtone charging base these new tru wireless ear buds come in!  This is Swag.  Elevated.


best corporate gifts of 2020

4.  On the GO!  Everyone is very much on the go, whether jetting around the city from work to home, hopping on a plane, biking to the park, etc.   A big trend for 2020 are cool items that make our active lifestyles easier:


The Smush Line!  Love these two.  The SmushPack is a packable backpack, and the SmushDuff, a packable duffel  bag.  Awesome full color imprints on both


new  trade show giveaways 2020


5. Cool Drinkware Swag:  Single use plastic water bottles are OUT and staying that way.  And don't let Aquaman catch you using one!  Wow, that was so hot.  Wasn't that hot?  Let me not get started on Jason Momoa or we will be here a while.  The point is that nobody cool or smart, or cool and smart, does the single use plastic water bottle thing anymore.  You want to get your brand into their hands because they are the now and the future, not the past.   Here are some of my favorite new water bottles for 2020:


Love, LOVE this new for 2020 Smart Temp Bottle:


best trade show giveaways of 2020




This new stainless steel bottle with the wooden lid is gorgeous and right on trend.  We can do a full color imprint, a full wrap, or we can do the Chisel engraving method.  AND we can also laser engrave your logo on that wood lid for an extra WOW factor.


best corporate gifts 2020



Also loving this Collapsible Silcone Water Bottle:


best promotional products 2020




Above are some of the biggest trends in trade show giveaways for 2020.  Please check out our hottest trade show giveaways showroom here, and our hottest corporate gifts of 2020 showroom here.  We update these constantly as new swag is released and new trends emerge.

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