The Top Eco-Friendly Promotional Products to Build Your Brand in 2020

  • Dec 27, 2019

One of the best things you can do for your brand in 2020 is to Go Green!    As Millennials move take over a larger and larger share of buying dollars, it's important to remember that they care about our planet.   How radical, right?   Well, we do have to live on it you know!  I mean, as of right now we can't beam ourselves anyplace else.  I don't know what 2030 holds, and maybe we will be beaming all over the galaxy, but you know, I doubt it.

According to a Nielsen survey, 73 percent of Millennials prefer to work with socially responsible companies.  Furthermore, 81 percent of Millennials expect their brands to make a public commitment to good corporate citizenship.   


Snag Your Swag has always led on sustainable swag.  We have always steered our clients away from swag that you see in the dumpsters exiting a trade show.  This is really a no-brainer.  It's bad for the planet!  It clogs up our landfills!  It's bad for your brand!  What good is a promo item if no one is keeping it, using it, sharing it?  Nothing.  You just threw your money in that landfill along with the disposed of product.


With our Millennial-led curating team, we recognized very early on that stainless steel straws would create a frenzy, both on retail, and in the promo world.  And they sure did.  And they sure are still going strong.  They aren't going away.  Reusable straws will be stronger every year as we work to clean up our oceans and save marine life.  So you can't go wrong with reusable straws, but eco-friendly means so much more.


Here are the top eco-friendly promotional products for your 2020 trade shows and events.   Click on pictures for item details:


Reusable Straws


The Reusable Straw will continue its explosive growth into 2020 and beyond.  Here are a few of Snag Your Swag's favs:



 top eco-friendly promo products 2020





best new eco-friendly promo products 2020


new eco-friendly promo products for 2020



Reclaimed Wheat Products


Really cool stuff made of Reclaimed Stalks From Wheat are going to hit retail huge in 2020, and of course, we've got that!  Check out some of our favorites in this new sustainable swag trend below. Click on pictures for item details:


eco-friendly swag for 2020





green promo products 2020


green promotional products for 2020



new green swag for 2020



Reusable Totes & Grocery bags



With cities and counties all over the country banning plastic bags, there is no end to how many times your logo will be seen on these.  Here are a few of our favorites. Click on pictures for item details:


new eco-friendly swag for 2020



best new eco-friendly swag 2020


best eco-friendly swag 2020


best eco friendly promotional products 2020




Reusable Water Bottles


Single use plastic water bottles have got to go, period.  They are fast becoming the smoking of this century, and I expect that by the end of the 20's, they will be.  Sooner.  Think about it.  One of the most high-profile callouts just occured weeks ago when Jason Momoa called out Chris Pratt on Instagram, because Pratt posed with a single use plastic water bottle.  Yep, Aquaman himself is gonna be all over you.  (Okay, that last part is just me daydreaming.  Have you seen Jason Momoa?)    Anyway, be like Aquaman and ditch the single use plastic.  Get your brand on some of the hot new drinkware for 2020.  Click on pictures below for more details: 



best new eco friendly swag of 2020





best new eco friendly promo products 2020


And special attention to this exciting new purification water bottle:


eco-friendly swag for 2020



And don't forget to browse our Best Eco-Friendly Trade Show Giveaways of 2020 here.  We will be adding the best new green promotional products all year long!

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