The Most Popular Promotional Item of 2022

  • Sep 20, 2022

What is the most popular promotional product of 2022?  We can tell by our trade show giveaway orders, and around this time each year I like to take a look back at what the hottest selling promotional product has been.  I did this yearly until 2020, when it was like “um, masks”.  And then 2021, when it was like “um, masks”.  

How happy am I that masks played about zero role in promo products in 2022?   If 2021 was the year of #shotgirlsummer, 2022 is the year we got our lives almost completely back.  I don’t know about you but my personal Instagram feed from 2020 is sad, and it didn’t pick up until summer 2021.  Then came Omnicron and I was back inside by Thanksgiving. 

But this year has been great and the sad selfie is gone!  I’ve been out watching live music, hanging at the pool, and going to parties.  I’m not alone.  Selfie lights took off big this year and earned their spot as our number one promotional product of the year.

We’ve sold thousands of selfie lights this year, and I want to show you the one we chose to put our own brand on.


the most popular promotional product of 2022

We chose the Showtime Selfie light because it has a full color, domed imprint, and comes in a retail-level, really fun packaging!

Everyone I know wanted one of these, and lots of people I don’t know too.  I ended up carrying a couple with me wherever I went this year.  This is great because you WANT people to take and use your promotional products.  They don’t do anything for your brand sitting in the storage closet. 

Of course, my family all wanted their own.   Now, my family is very greedy and are always fronting like “oh do you happen to have a to-go coffee mug I can use?” knowing full well it will be a stainless steel, double walled, vacuum insulated cup.  And that they’re keeping it.  They already have some from me, but they know we do an updated model every year.  And they figure “well, why shouldn’t I have the latest and greatest?”

You should see them at Christmas time.  One of my nephews was counting presents before he could talk, and if he came up short compared to his sister, the wailing began!  This is what I have to deal with every December.  Every year I talk big about how next Christmas I’m going to be in the Caribbean to avoid the whole thing, but my brothers keep having babies, and before they can talk (or count), they are so stinking cute, aren’t they?    Then the horror begins.  At least in my family.  You know, your mileage may vary.  

Anyway, let me save all that for my next therapy session!  Here is the top promo item of 2022, showing no signs of slowing down in popularity for 2023 either.  

A great way to attract traffic to your trade show booth!


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