The Corporate Gifts Your Clients Won't Forget

  • Feb 5, 2022

It's more important than ever to keep in touch with your clients and show them they are valued.   Maybe you couldn't invite them to the corporate holiday party in December, because it was cancelled due to the Omnicron wave.  Maybe they or you are not able to travel for business quite as often.  

There's nothing like a swag drop to make someone's day pop. 

Let me begin by showing you what we are doing this year for our "Summer of Swag" kickoff.  We do this every year, and clients love it.  And yes, we plan ahead.

We have done beach towels, high-end beach totes, phone fans, and of course, always a kicking drinkware item. 


This year our Summer of Swag box will contain three items, each of which we feel embody the fun feeling of summer. 


First up, is the Calypso bag.  You can click on the pictures for product details.


best corporate gifts of 2022



I've been in love with this bag since it was first released, but ended up going with a different bag last year. 


best corporate gifts of 2022



That nautical tote bag was a huge hit.  It's very high-quality and very large.  And my clients are carrying it everywhere.  That's what you want. 


The drinkware piece we are going to put in the Summer of Swag bag this year is:


the best custom drinkware of 2022



The new for 2022 ASOBU Mason Jar.  It comes with a  vacuum insulated stainless steel insulator and retail-level packaging.  Everything about it states quality. 


Lastly, we are adding in some sunglasses:


top corporate gift trends 2022



 We chose these Tortoise Miami Sunglasses, and we are also packaging them in a custom pillow box:


pillow box

Again, leveling up.  The  pillow box is a small added expense that adds much more than it costs.  As we say here:  This is Swag.  Elevated.


We will package these items together in our custom-designed Snag Your Swag mailer boxes.  You can also choose to use a white corrugated mailer without your logo.  Those can be made into something very snazzy with a few stickers, and some brightly-colored confetti.


You should be doing a client touch monthly.  We do three big ones.  Our Summer of Swag mailing, our Halloween Fairytale Brownie mailing, and our end of year Holiday Gift mailing.


The other nine months we do a smaller swag mailing.   One month we did a brightly colored custom drawstring bag with five different flavors of SPF lip balms.   Another month we did a Selfie Ring Light.  You get the idea.   Our clients look forward to receiving these swag treats, and yours will too.   My family also loves it, because they always steal my swag.  One sister-in-law will get her hands on something and then the other two want it.  But you know what?  They are also walking around with our logo on some awesome stuff.  That's what swag is for!  You never want it sitting in your supply closet. 


Swag is not just for trade shows.  When you elevate your swag, you elevate your brand.  And people feel good when they receive something nice from you.  Those feelings naturally extend to your brand.  


Snag Your Swag can create presentations filled with ideas for your own monthly mailings.  We can kit them, package them, and drop ship them all over the country (and the world) for you.  


We make it easy, and fun!  


Anytime I google what's new and trending awesome in Swag, I get the same old same old.   That's not what we are in the business of providing, and it's never what you'll get here.  We attend new product expos all over the country, and curate the top products.  So you don't have to.  Most importantly, we never forget that Swag. Is. Fun.  

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