The Best Trade Show Giveaway Ideas of 2017

  • Jun 9, 2017

"What are the Best Trade Show Giveaways for 2017?" is a question we are often asked at Snag Your Swag.  The answer is; it depends! We can tell you what the Hottest Trade Show Giveways of the year are - and we can source them for you even when everyone else is sold out!  But the Best Trade Show Giveaway?  For that we want to have a nice conversation about you.  About your brand.  About the story you want to tell.  


Maybe the best trade show giveaway for you isn't the hottest, newest, item.  Maybe it's a classic and full of awesome fun item like...a  kite.  Most likely, finding it involves a lot of expertise and industry knowledge, and not a little creativity and art talent.   Snag Your Swag can take ordinary merchandise, add some creativity, and make it all worthwhile.  We hope you are picturing Mary Tyler Moore throwing her hat in the air here!  

Let's start a conversation about your merchandise and swag needs today. 



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