The Best New Tech Swag for 2019

  • May 19, 2019

A couple of years ago I was watching floor interviews conducted during one of the largest tech conferences in the world.  A team of two walked the floor, interviewing exhibitors about their swag.   It was really cool!  I loved it.  But then I came to one part that I still cringe remembering.  This was at the very end of the big fidget spinner craze, and I guess they had seen tons of them already, and one guy is showing them his company swag, and they actually said right on camera, "oh wow fidget spinners, we haven't seen any of those."  Heavy on the sarcasm.

We had a couple of clients exhibiting there and I could only be thrilled they were not packing fidget spinners.


Look, you can get away with the mundane at local shows, if mundane is your thing.  But you cannot stroll into, say, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) like that.  But don't worry, we've got this.


What are the best tech giveaways for your 2019 swag bags, conferences, and trade show events?  What kind of tech swag is going to elevate you, your booth, and your brand this year?  What are you going to wow them with at CES 2020 and  VidCon 2019?  Click on the pictures below and find out!


Robots, Robots, Robots.


Rolly the Robot Hub


best tech swag of 2019

 The Aaytee


best tech swag 2019




best new tech swag 2019




 Wireless Charging


 Is there another kind of charging going on?  Not with techies there isn't!



 Octoforce 2.0™ 8000mAh Wireless Power Bank


hottest tech swag 2019





 Light Up Wireless Charger

best new tech swag for 2019




Ring Holder Wireless Power Bank



hottest tech swag 2019


The Watchpost


Wirelessly charges your phone AND your Apple watch at the same time


2019 trends in tech swag




Phone & Watch Wireless Charger

One Side charges your phone, the flip side charges your Apple watch.


hot tech swag 2019



Bluetooth Sunglasses


We wear ours at night!

best new tech swag 2019



20 oz. Bluetooth Earbud Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle Combo

tech swag 2019



17 OZ Stainless Steel Vacuum  Tumbler with Wireless Charger



hot tech swag 2019




Light-Up-Logo Bluetooth Speaker


best trade show giveaways 2019




Stay connected and on trend with light-up charging cables:


2-In-1 Light Up Charging Cable.  This one is so hot-on-retail, and at higher price points so your perceived value is nice and high:


hot tech giveaways for 2019


And here is the same 2-In-1 Light Up Charging Cable, with a matching Snap Cable Wrap.  Love!


hot tech swag for 2019


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