The 9 Best Custom Drinkware Options For Your 2020 Corporate Gifts

  • Apr 16, 2020

When it comes to swag, I'm kind of addicted to branded drinkware.  I can't get enough of it, and I am constantly examining friends' new drinkware, with or without logos.  If it doesn't have a logo, I immediately start thinking of how great a particular brand would look on it.   We do a lot of custom drinkware to give away to clients, employees, and for trade shows.    I like drinkware as gifts more than anything, including tech giveaways.  Listen, they all have their role to play, but when I'm at a show?  I am most drawn to the booths with really cool tumblers, water bottles, and barware.   Well, and food.  


Everybody loves a cool new water bottle, so what that in mind, I want to show you the most exciting new custom drinkware options for your 2020 client gifts, employee incentives, and giveaways.  I think you will love these.  You haven't seen them before.  Click on pictures for further details.


1.  ASOBU® INSULATED WINE KUZIE.  This wine kuzie is unique, stunning, and very high-end.  It comes in gorgeous, retail level packaging, and includes the wine glass.   I covet this.   Looking at this and then reading the description excited a desire to have this.  What a great gift for your top clients this year. 


best corporate gifts of 2020



2.  Asobu® On the Rocks Kuzie.   This is for Old Fashioned glasses.  And yes, it includes the glass.  Think of the executives on your gift list.   Now, leave a lasting impression with them.


top corporate gifts 2020



3.  Speaking of executive gifts, take a look at these next two stunners.  First up, we have the amazing Corkcicle® Cigar Glass.


luxury executive gifts 2020




4.  Next, the equally stunning Corkcicle® Whiskey Wedge.  Both arrive in retail level packaging. 


the best corporate gifts of 2020




5.  MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Bottle - 23 Oz.


best corporate gifts 2020





6.  20oz Contigo Chug Chill Tumbler.  No one will ever pass up a Contigo.  


2020's hottest corporate gifts





7.  The Iced Out Swiggy.  LOVE this bottle.  You can also add a custom gift box on this. 



best corporate gifts of 2020





8.   The Smart Temp Bottle.  Put a little tech in your custom drinkware gift.  Okay, A LOT of tech.



best custom drinkware with logo 2020




9.  Soundwave Copper Vacuum Audio Bottle 22oz.  An amazing tech gift, and yet, still a custom water bottle!  Complete with light-up blue tooth speaker with flashing LED lights.  


hot corporate gifts 2020

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