Swag vs Tchotchkes

  • Aug 8, 2017

There's long been a debate within the promotional products industry over the terms "Swag" vs "Tchotchkes".    Obviously, at Snag Your Swag, we come down on the side of swag.   To us, swag means swagger.  To show off, to display confidence, to walk with attitude, to SWAGGER.   We believe that's what the right swag does for your brand.   Tchotchkes are cheap ornaments with no usefulness that end up in overflowing landfills. That's not what we specialize in here.  You can get that anywhere.  Here, we want your brand to swagger. 

It's true that not everyone "gets" swag.  One chamber we belong to advertised us as "Snag Your Shag".  (This really happened).   I phoned them and pointed out what they had done.  The woman responsible for placing the ads was very upset, horrified in fact.  She stammered repeatedly, and finally got out "I'm so sorry!".  

"It's okay," I told her.  "Really, the worst part of this is that it went out last week and I haven't received one phone call in response."

Not. One. Phone. Call.  Can you even imagine? 

I mean, I personally attend all of the meetings.  Then an ad goes out to all my co-members to  "Snag Your Shag" and...nobody calls.  It's hard not to take that personally!  Why do I even bother doing my hair for these things?

This week, another group I am very active in sent an email referring to me as being from "Snag Your Sag".  That guy is on my list. The one I read aloud  to myself every night like Arya Stark. 

So yeah, they don't have swagger.  But for brands that strut around with swagger, Snag Your Swag is the place to elevate your game.  




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