Six Best Cell Phone Tech Gifts You Need for Your 2020 & 2021 Trade Shows

  • Apr 13, 2020

So, I don't know about you, but I have been thinking a lot about The Flash lately.  As in "Flash, I need to FF to summer 2021 come get me!  Do your thing Flash!".   In my head The Flash is Grant Gustin from the CW.  I'm not here to start a nerd fight!  I've nothing against Ezra's Flash, whom I found endearingly neurotic.   But for me, right now, I need Gustin's Flash.  


Anyway, since no one is coming to get me and time travel me into next year, I am so thankful for my phone.  We all live on our phones, and have been for quite some time now.  That's not changing.  No matter what happens, normalcy, non-normalcy, we're not giving up our phones.  We will always have our phones.  They are our life lines.


So let's talk about phone swag.  I love phone swag!  I think that since about 2010, the coolest swag released every year has been, for the most part, phone swag.   And each year it gets better and better. 


Let's take a look at the 6 best cell phone tech gifts that are going to get you through the insanity of 2020 and right into the normalcy of 2021.  Phone swag that will stand up and stand out for both.  Click on pictured for further items details


1.  Dye-Sublimated Flight Flap Pro.  Just released in January 2020, this is an amazing item.  You can do this for trade shows, conferences, and even corporate gifts and employee appreciation.  This one flips, folds, bends, stands, does pretty much anything, and it's completely dye-sublimated which means what can't we do with this? All of this makes the new Flight Flap Pro one of our top technology giveaways.  If you would like us to create an amazing custom design for you we can do that too.


2020's best new trade show giveaways



2.  Custom PopSockets.  This is a "Still the One" thing.  PopSockets just get bigger every year.  Look around at any concert and watch people holding their phones up to snap pics with.  Do you know what they're gripping?  PopSockets, and they make amazing mobile phone accessory gifts. And they keep releasing awesome new styles every year, like wood, vegan leather, metallic, etc.  We love a PopSocket here at Snag Your Swag.  Here's ours:


2020's hottest trade show giveaways



3.  Phone Sanitizer Spray.  Listen, it's gonna be a good long while before we stop obsessively washing our hands and sanitizing our phones.  I'm thinking, forever?  Yeah, forever sounds about right.


trade show giveaways 2020




4.  Our new-for-2020 Phone Gripper is a real 3-in-1 phone tech item.  It provides grip for securely holding and carrying your phone.  It doubles as a phone stand.  And, you can use it as a phone wallet and store ID, credit cards, hotel room key, right behind it.  We love versatile swag!


best trade show giveaways 2020




5.  NoWire Mousepad.  Love our new full-color wireless mouse pads.  Who wouldn't love to receive one of these at a trade show or as a client thank you gift?


hot trade show giveaways 2020




6.  Access Headphones Case. A little convenient silicone carrying case for your AirPods.   AirPods are the zeitgeist and now, so are you!


best trade show giveaways of 2020

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