Our Favorite New Custom Headphones

  • Sep 1, 2022

Headphones imprinted with your logo are among the most popular corporate gifts in any year.   Is there anything that feels as good as laying back with some great music on your noise-cancelling headphones and maybe sipping some wine or bourbon?  If you are so inclined.  I am!  I admit it!  After a stressful day, a little Woodford Reserve bourbon on ice, and my favorite new album are just the thing.  Doesn’t have to be that stressful of a day either!  For me, that’s the most relaxing thing in the world.  Promo has some great headphones available, in both hot retail brands, and generic but still awesome.  


Here are some of our favorites that dropped for 2022 in time for your client and employee thank you gifts this holiday season.  For item details, pricing, and ordering info, just click on the picture you like!


Welp, these just dropped.  Bose.  Do I need to say more?  Slip these on and the world will be well-disappeared.  Of course, these won't be in every company's budget, and even where they are, you may want to do these for your top 10 clients only.  But what an impression you will make


custom  headphones with logo

 Our cool-kid friends at Origaudio dropped these in 2022.  Soft-touch comfort phone,  noise-cancellation, amazing sound and premium retail-level packaging.  

headphones with logo


Skullcandy is a very hot retail brand whose tagline is "Music you can feel".  Love this line and here are two very different price points for your Skullcandy custom gifts!


custom branded headphones




custom head phones with logo



The Timbre headphones are so great for your budget.  Make a big impression at a great price point.  I have used these numerous times and they are comfortable and sound great.



custom corporate gifts for 2022



Below are one of my favs - your logo lights up when these are in use.  So cool!


logo headphones






I don't know about you but I take music very seriously.  I already discussed how I relax with my favorite tunes, now let's talk working out.  Have you ever forgotten your ear buds and tried to work out with no music?  I guess for some people that's fine, but it totally kills my workout.  

Now, when relaxing at home, it's headphones all the way.  But when I'm at the gym or on a jog in the neighborhood, I need ear buds.  

Let's take a look at some great ear buds for you to customize with your logo. 


First up are the Amplifiears Wireless Ear Buds.  Look at this amazing design capability.  Full color imprint across the line, and right over the two ear buds.  Premium retail-level packaging.  These make an impression!  Great sound quality too!


luxury corporate gifts 2022




Next I want to show you some amazing ear buds from Skullcandy.  These are fantastic for employee holiday gifts, especially for tech companies.



custom ear buds with logo




And lastly, a more budget-friendly, but still awesome noise-cancelling ear bud selection.


custom ear buds for client gifts


Snag Your Swag can help choose the right custom audio gift for your brand, your project, and your message.  We can also kit these with another product, and handle individual fulfilment for you.  Seriously, we don't call ourselves the corporate gifting headquarters just to sound buzzy.  We know swag.  

While you are here, don't forget to browse our corporate gift showroom here, and our hottest trade show giveaways of the year showroom here.


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