New Corporate Gifts & Trade Show Giveaways 2018

  • Jul 22, 2018

Guess what?  August is a big new product release month.  Not as big as January, but the 2nd biggest of the year.  That's because manufacturers release new goodies for the holiday corporate gift giving season around this time.  There are two awesome tech items in particular I have been eagerly awaiting, and they will land the first week of August.  You'll see them below!

First, how is your summer going so far?  When it's hot, I find myself thinking of this mug I had in my 20's. "Nerds in Hell".  It was a guy with suspenders and high-waisted pants, glasses, a pocket protector, etc, and he is waiting on line in hell, and he turns to the guy behind him and says "hot enough in here for ya?"  That mug always cracked me up.  Picturing it now, I still laugh.  I wish I still had that mug!

Right now, I am sitting in a Marriott hotel room, for a trade show that begins tomorrow.  I have the air conditioner on blast, and I am sipping a bourbon with muddled cherries.  It's so good!  Don't worry, I am only having one, so I won't be drunk posting.  If you've been reading my blog, that probably comes as a relief, right?  It is not as if I'm not TMI girl, even sober.

Sure, I've written about my family, but I haven't blogged about any of my exes.  I should get some credit for that.  I probably would blog about my exes, because I don't really have a filter while I'm writing, this is all me.  But I broke up with the last two over politics, and I'm not supposed to blog about politics on my business website.  Or so my website guy says, but I am not too sure that he's not just trying to silence me.  I send him a lot of emails about politics, and he ignores all of them.  Except the one time he answered "are you smoking weed?".   I got kind of offended and told him, "I don't smoke weed, dummy."   He didn't answer me for a while after that.  And my next bill had a bunch of surcharges on it.  But, whatever.  

Anyway, if you want to tell me about your summer, email me.  I have to get a comment section on this blog!  You can also email me if you are having trouble with your partner, but my friends don't recommend that.  

Okay, here we go.  Here is some of the most exciting new swag for your corporate gifts and trade show giveaways in 2018!  You can click on the pictures for more product information.  I've been waiting for the first two for months.  These bring the hot wireless charging trend to the next level.


Berkeley Wireless Charging Organizer


best new corporate gifts for 2018


Arlington Wireless Charging Portfolio


best new corporate gifts 2018


I'm really just as excited about these next two.  A mouse pad that charges your phone wirelessly?  You know one of these will be on my desk!


Wireless Charging Mouse Pad


best corporate gifts 2018


Deluxe Wireless Charging Mouse Pad



2018's hottest corporate gifts


I love this next one for your 2018 trade show giveaways.  This just came out this month, and it's a little hottie.  When you go through all of the time and expense of exhibiting at a trade show, you really want swag that is going to create buzz.  Something that other attendees see and ask "Where'd you get that?" and then make it their business to stop at your booth.  This one has style and substance, it lights up when in use, and charges iPhones, Androids, and even has the new "C" connector.  


The iLo Cable


best new trade show giveaways of 2018



This new UL listed smart plug is so on trend and techy.  I love that it includes a full color imprint - you can really high impact this one for your brand!


Smart Wally Plug


new corporate gift ideas for 2018


These are new for your holiday corporate gifts, and also make for amazing trade show and event swag.  The mini-backpack trend began in retail and is huge for 2018.  Snag Your Swag is always on top of providing you branded merch that reflect retail and fashion trends.


The Mini Backpack


best corporate gift ideas of 2018


Bella Mia™ Sienna Mini Backpack


hottest corporate gifts of 2018



Okay, that's it for today, but don't worry, there is lots more to come!  In the coming weeks we will present hidden treasures, and more new releases.


Don't forget to browse our best trade show giveaways of 2018 showroom here, and our best corporate gift ideas of 2018 showroom here.  We constantly update these all year long!


What's new for 2019 trade show giveaways and corporate gifts here. 

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