Lumpy Mail Ideas That Work

  • Apr 10, 2020

What is lumpy mail?  That may be your first question.  Well, you know what direct mail is.  Lumpy mail is direct mail with a free gift!  We all love getting free gifts, even when they're not free and called a "gift with purchase".   But lumpy mail really is something you receive for free.  It comes in a, well, lumpy package, or a cleverly  custom designed envelope.   And you just have to open it.  You have to know what is inside.  Once opened, if you find something colorful, cute, useful, or just really clever, it leaves you feeling the way any cool gift makes you feel;  really good.  And excellent marketing is about evoking an emotion.  


Remember the episode of Mad Men called "The Carousel"?  This episode really nailed evoking emotion in marketing.  I love the scene.  Oh hell, let's look at it again shall we?




Good luck at your next meeting - exactly!  Good luck with the sales call or the email blast after the person just received a really clever piece of lumpy mail.


Now, I don't really know what the future is going to look like.  None of us do. We know things are changing though.   We can't really guess the next time anyone is going to feel that running to the next big trade show at a crowded convention center  is a great idea.  I have even been wondering about movies, have you?   You know I would have been first in line to see the new Wonder Woman this summer.  Now?  I don't know.  What if everyone doesn't know, or most everyone?  Will drive-in movies come back?  Who knows!  


But what I do know now is that lumpy mail, which includes a cool piece of swag, can go where you can't right now.  Face-to-face.  Now, instead of a cold call, you have a warm one.  "Hey just calling to see if you received the cute wine charm we sent you".   "Oh yes, in fact, I'm looking at it right now!". 


Snag Your Swag has always understood the power of direct mail that included a promo item, and we are doubling down right now.  We are working every day to design new, custom, really awesome lumpy mail for our clients.  So call us, and we'll dazzle you with something tailored to your brand, your logo, your brand colors, and your demo.  We can handle fulfillment as well, or, you can do it yourself!  Whichever works best for you.


In the meantime, check out some of our awesome lumpy mail ideas below.  Click on the pictures for details:


One of our favorites was just released for 2020.  This beautiful wine charm on either a post card or greeting card will be well-received, unique, and enjoyed.


lumpy mail ideas



We've loved silicone phone wallets since their introduction only a few years ago.  They were instant best sellers and have remained so.  Huge imprint space, usefulness, and a big cool factor.  We can put these on post cards, OR, greeting cards and deliver a lasting impression for your brand.

lumpy mail ideas


Don't we all want a web cam cover?  Any time I join a webinar, and we are all joining them A LOT more often these days, I never know if the camera is going to be on.  I don't know about you, but I'm not camera ready all of the time.  I LOVE my web cam cover, which protects me from "surprise!".  This is a perfect direct mail piece. 

lumpy mail ideas


PopSockets!  These are constantly reinventing themselves with new releases, like wooden, aluminium, glitter, you name it.  PopSockets are still very much of the Zeitgeist.  And they fold flat so it's as if they were made for direct mailings!  You can mail them yourself, or Snag Your Swag can design an awesome custom mailer for you to put your awesome custom PopSocket in.


lumpy mail ideas


Snag Your Swag has put together several new all-inclusive direct mail pieces.  The prices on these particular items include the product, a full color postcard (or hangtag), and USPS shipping to your clients and employees.  You can see all of our all-inclusive lumpy mail pieces in our dedicated showroom which is linked at the bottom of this page.  Here is my favorite one though!  A full color scrunchie!  No salon appointments means we are ALL wearing our hair up these days, and this is just so timely, thoughtful, colorful, and cool!  This is what we call making a lasting impression:


creative lumpy mail ideas

And don't forget to browse our Lumpy Mail Showroom here.  We will be filling that up with new ideas, new swag, and new custom designed mailers all year!




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