Kitting, Packaging, and Shipping Your Client and Employee Gifts

  • Sep 18, 2022

The corporate holiday gift season has already begun for 2022.  With supply chains still lagging, you need to already be thinking about what you want to do for your employee and client end of year gifts.  The earlier you choose and get your orders placed the easier it will be for you.  

There can be so much more involved these days; with some employees and clients still working from home, some have returned to the office, and many working a hybrid schedule.  For this reason, a lot more companies need individual fulfilment options than in years past.  It’s a process and it can feel a little overwhelming especially since you already have your hands full! 

So, what are your first steps?

First, you should make a list of what your company has done over the last several years.  You don’t want to repeat a category.  If two years ago your company did custom blankets for holiday gifts, you won’t want to do that again this year.  On the other hand, if you make your list and notice your company has never done a custom blanket, then maybe 2022 is the year for that!

Next, you should decide if you want to do the same custom gift for both employees and clients.  If yes, decide on your budget.  If no, you will need to set a budget for each.  You will also need to decide whether you want to categorize your clients.  Do you want the same gift for every client?  Do you want to create gift tiers, gifting top clients utilizing a higher per-gift budget?

Finally, but definitely not least importantly, you need to consider your company’s culture.   A wine gift set may work for some cultures, and may not for yours.  A funky design on a hip hoody works for a lot of tech companies (and me!), but does it work for your brand?  

Once you consider all of the above, you’re ready to start choosing your corporate holiday gifts, packaging, message cards, and how you’re going to deliver these. 

Apparel is a very hot category, but it can be a difficult one to navigate because of sizing.  There’s a solution for that!   Snag Your Swag will create bespoke pop-up shops for you.  We can sent holiday cards with QR codes on them that will take your clients and employees right to this site, and allow them to choose their own sizes.  You can even have multiple apparel choices for them to choose from.  You can direct both your clients and employees to the same shop, or we can create two separate pop-up shops, one for your clients and one for your employees.  

Apparel is also easy to ship, and you can choose eco-friendly, even fully compostable, mailer pouches.  We love those!  

You can choose several different gifts that compliment each other, and we can kit those together for you in white mailer gift boxes, or custom branded gift boxes.  Or you can check out our already-kitted corporate gift options. 

I’ve written about the top corporate gifts of 2022 in previous blogs, so in this one, I want to show you some great kits that are already perfectly packaged and ready to ship. 

This is such a beautiful wine gift set. It includes two stainless steel wine tumblers, and the matching stainless steel bottle.  I have this set and use it all the time, especially during the summer to keep my wine chill and ready to refill my matching tumbler at the pool. Choose your gift box and confetti color for a memorable impression. 


custom kitted corporate gifts 2022



Our cozy comfort kit has everything needed to settle into a comfy winter, hopefully in front of the fire place!  Includes our 20 oz, double wall, vacuum insulated, stainless steel Himalayan tumbler, a gorgeous chenille fringed blanket, a custom candy box filled with two  peanut butter cups and sea salt caramels, a package of ground coffee, and a card!  Choose your gift box and matching confetti color.


luxury corporate gifts 2022 packaged



I love this pizza party gift set.  An unexpected and delightful gift.  Featuring our bamboo pizza paddle.  Is there anyone who doesn’t love pizza?  If so I’ve never met them, but then, I’m a New Yorker, we take our pizza seriously here.  Shout-out to Chicago and Detroit!  If you know, you know.  And Chicago and Detroit know pizza.  We may get together and argue about whose pizza is the best, but we kinda all nod our heads in respect for each other. 


perfectly packaged corporate gifts 2022



Our glimmer candle gift set is quite unique with its hand-poured candle in a laser-engraved, concrete and copper holder.  And the safety matches are another elevated detail.


perfectly packaged corporate gifts


These are just some of our most popular kitted gift sets.  We prepare, package, and individually drop-ship thousands of kitted corporate gifts yearly.  So this is kind of our thing.  That means we can work closely with you to pick the perfect gifts for your custom kit.  Recommend the perfect box, custom or unbranded, and the perfect filler, from custom tissue paper to color-matched confetti.  We also offer a wide choice of sustainable packaging choices.   

And then there’s the fulfilment.  Having a company holiday party this year?  We can ship your kits bulk to your headquarters to give out during your party.   Hybrid staff?  You may still want to bulk ship to your HQ and save on individual shipping costs.  If your employees are hybrid, they’ll be in the office at least one day during your gifting week.  But if your staff is mostly working from home, then you are likely going to want individual fulfillment.  

And of course, for clients, you are almost always going to need individual fulfillment.  It’s not 1990, and most of your clients are likely spread throughout the country.  I know ours are!

Snag Your Swag is your total solution.  The top selection of trending and classic corporate gifts, deep product and packaging knowledge, and fulfillment is our forte.

While you are here, please browse our top 100 corporate gifts of 2022 showroom.  You can find that right here.  We’ve curated the best of the best in one spot for you!



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