Inside The Oscars Swag Bag 2018

  • Mar 4, 2018

There is no doubt that pop culture influences fashion, marketing trends, language, and pretty much everything.  If you haven't seen Black Panther can you really claim to be in touch with the zeitgeist?   This doesn't pose a problem for me personally, since I am an avid Marvel fan girl (and Wonder Woman!).   So, what, if anything, can we learn about trends from the Oscars?  Other than deciding whether we would or would not speak to Ryan Seacrest?  (would not).

The first thing I always like to look at are the contents of the yearly Oscars Swag Bag.  It always has a lot of nonsense in it, like luxury trips.  Not that luxury trips are nonsense, but do the people on the receiving end of these bags really need more free trips?  Probably not.  This year the Oscar Swag Bag item that stood out to me was a floating bluetooth speaker.  "YES!" I thought to myself, because I get excited about these things.

Without a doubt, floating bluetooth speakers are a hot corporate gift for 2018.  Here are two of Snag Your Swag's favorites, PLUS, a floating world globe!  Come on, is that awesome or what?  Click on pictures below for product details:


corporate gifts 2018 corporate gift ideas 2018corporate gift ideas 2018

If you are looking to WOW top clients, or your employees, you obviously cannot go wrong with any of the above.

My other main takeaway from the 2018 Oscars were Purple and Pink.  A LOT of purples and pinks on the red carpet.  This is no surprise to readers of The Swag Blog.  We wrote about Ultraviolet, the color of the year, here. 

And of course, pink just gets hotter and hotter. 

In fact, we just did a water bottle that we feel the people who put together those swag bags were remiss to leave out.  Drinkware got smaller and thinner for 2018 and we just love it.  The Skinny Mini water bottle epitomizes these trends.  We chose to do it in this beautiful blush color that is really a great representation of Millennial Pink.  It also makes a great flask!


conference giveaway ideas 2018

Snag Your Swag is out in front of all the trends.  We know about it, and we know how to incorporate it into your brand.   Don't forget to browse our constantly updated showrooms for best corporate gifts of 2018 here, and best trade show giveaways of 2018 here.  Put us to work for your brand!

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