Hot Swag Summer 2022

  • May 13, 2022

You know how there was #hotgirlsummer pre-Covid?  And then, post-Covid, there was #shotgirlsummer?  That happened last summer, after the vaccine was widely available.  Well, I didn't have either of those.  Yes, I got vaccinated, but I can't say I was having some big SHOTGIRLSUMMER and beguiling Instagram with all of my FUN! pictures.  I have friends who do that and then they will text me they had a miserable time.  I used to get very confused and be like "but you looked like you were having such a blast in your Instagram pics!".  But now I understand that Instagram is as performative as Linkedin and if you really want to know someone, you need to see their Twitter feed.  It's true!   Especially if you are going to date them, you really need to see their Twitter feed first.  Twitter tells the real story.  Often, it's not a pretty one!  I'm not saying anyone should come to me for dating advice on the regular, but... you've been warned.

Anyway, I've always been all about #hotswagsummer.  That's why we always do our Summer of Swag mailing, kicking off the season with a swag box of summer goodies.  

I am loving some of 2022's newest swag for summer trade shows, events, and giveaways.  I always feel like summer promotional products are best ones.  They just have such a fun feel and look to me.  

Here are some of my favorite new picks for Summer 2022.  You can click on the pictures for product details.


This is a new, LED light-up coaster/bottle opener combo.  LOVE this.


top promotional items 2022




This is the new Duette Dual Silicone Carabiner Kit, and I love it because you can choose your own duo.



new promotional products 2022



These Tie-Dyed sunglasses are my favorite new sunglasses this summer



new promotional products 2022



Pickleball is the hottest game this year!


best promotional products for 2022 



Keep up with what's new in the promotional products world by perusing our Hottest Trade Show Giveaways of 2022 showroom here .

We keep that constantly updated with new trends and hot products. 


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