Elevate Your Corporate Holiday for 2018

  • Aug 19, 2018

I love the holiday season with its celebration of the year about to end, and its promise of the new year just around the corner.  The perfect time to thank your employees and clients for their support, hard work, and loyalty.  So, how do we elevate our brand during this time?  

Well, if you're going to have alcohol at your celebration, providing free Lyft or Uber rides to your attendees would be amazing.  That is one of the most socially responsible actions you can take, and it provides the added benefit of being a really cool thing to do.  Brands that do cool things end up being cool brands.  You want to be a cool brand.  

Hire a face painter.  When I worked in Soho our company had face painters for Halloween, and everyone went to the lobby to have it done.  It was so much fun!  I would love to attend a corporate holiday or end of year party that had face painting.  You never get too old for face painting. 

Bring in a selfie booth, where people can put on feather boas and funny hats and take selfies they'll share all over social media.

And of course, Swag It Up!  

Let's look at some of the amazing corporate gifts you can brand this holiday.  Since we just talked about your attendees posting selfies all over social media, I want to present something quite unique for your consideration.  It's called the Yourbrella.  This is a personalized umbrella, each of which will be unique based on image you upload through the app.  Full color, and perfect for any corporate event or holiday gift.  Click on pictures below for further information.


2018 best corporate gifts



When you come to Snag Your Swag, you don't get "top 10 sellers" that everyone shows.  You know, the $1.29 non-woven tote bag.  We are about trends, what's hot on retail, incorporating retails trends into your brand, and the very newest and most exciting corporate gifts or trade show giveaways.   For example, this item below, was just released this week.  This is what we do.  We are at new product launches all year long, spotting the best trends and bringing them to you.  This is an amazing stainless steel bottle, with Tru Wireless Earbuds in the cover!  

best corporate gift ideas 2018best corporate gifts of 2018





I'm going to share with you one of our best finds this year.  We noticed early on in 2018 that the trend in retail drinkware was slimmer and smaller.  At one of our shows, we spotted this and it really grabbed our attention.  So much so that we took a picture holding it.  Then we branded some and gave them out to our clients.  This was the best received and most buzzed about water bottle we have ever given out.  We received so many orders for this after giving it out, and also requests for a second or third bottle because a friend of the recipient's had fallen in love with it too.  This is the one and only Skinny Mini water bottle, and if you give it out, you are going to receive the same buzz.


best corporate gifts 2018


That's it for today, but we will be  back mid-week with more fabulous swag.  In the meantime, don't forget to browse our Best Corporate Gifts of 2018 showroom here, and our Best Trade Show Giveaways of 2018 showroom here.   We are constantly updating both showrooms as the newest, hottest, and best swag is released. 

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