Does Direct Mail Still Work? Make It Lumpy!

  • Jul 20, 2019

Now that we live in the virtual world,  one of the biggest questions marketers have is; is direct mail still worth doing?

And the answer is hell yeah!  Direct mail still has impressive response rates, but those rise exponentially when we utilize lumpy direct mail.  So what is that?  Lumpy doesn't sound good!  Right?  No one wants to hear "wow you are rocking that lumpy bathing suit!' Or, "hey, how did you get your face to be so lumpy?"

But this isn't that.  Snag Your Swag does lumpy direct mailings all the time, and people love receiving it.  Who doesn't want a free gift?  When you do a lumpy direct mailing, you send a strong message that your recipient is worth the extra effort and expense. 

And, it doesn't have to break the bank or be difficult for you and your busy marketing team.  


Enter, stage left; Snag Your Swag.


Make your direct mail campaign easy-peasy with our new lumpy mail fulfillment program.   We can tailor this to your needs with no muss and no fuss.  Maybe you would just like the direct mail pieces sent directly to you and you'll handle the mailing.  Maybe you want us to do it all.  Whatever your needs, we've got this.


Our new line of  full-color postcards, provide you with the ability to print on both front and back (or just front and have standard postcard backing).  We have dozens of swag choices for the postcard. This unique item can be utilized as a promotional product at trade shows when you want to have tons of room for graphics and text to deliver information.   Best of all, it can also be employed as a direct mail piece.  When you want to make sure your message reaches the widest audience, send it with lumpy mail.


Let's look at some examples:


Post Cards with WebCam Cover


With Cyber Privacy being a defining issue for our time, we love these and so will your recipients.  Web Cam Covers are already one of the hottest trends in tech right now, add a full color postcard filled with all of your graphics and text, and bam!  


2019 trade shows



2019 trade shows



Post Cards with Full Color Coasters


These are amazing and everybody needs a coaster!  We can do these in traditional shapes as shown below, AND in nearly limitless custom shapes.  Dollar signs, t-shirts, house-shaped, butterfly, football, golf ball, and on and on. 


2019 trade show swag



Post Card with Silicone Smart Wallet


2019 trade show giveaways



Post Card with Full Color Luggage Tag


Another category with nearly limitless custom possibilities.  Globe-shaped, T-shirt, Golf bag, Flip-flop sandals, and on and on.  


2019 trade show giveaways


Above is a sprinkling of the direct "lumpy" mail options we offer.  There are many more including mints, nail files, flat flashlights, micro-fiber cleaning cloths, etc.


Best of all, we can help you come up with a marketing campaign tailored to your brand and to your event, whether it be a show or a new product launch.  These mailings can be very effective in spreading the word about your trade show for instance, and getting people to your booth.  One of our favorite campaigns involved a mass direct mailing of the silicone phone wallets with a promise of a matching pair of blue tooth ear buds on show day.  Another was a dog-bone shaped coaster with a promise of an LED dog collar on show day.  


Our direct mail program is best planned through phone calls and emails for tailored results.  Give us a call!  Our creative team is peerless and we would love to put our heads together on your project.


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