Custom Hydro Flask Water Bottles With Your Logo (New in Promo)

  • Aug 2, 2022

So we got some pretty big news this week in promotional products.  Beginning August 1st, Hydro Flask will be available with your logo.  This news definitely shakes up corporate gifting.  I have lost count of how many times clients have asked me if they can get branded Hydro Flasks.  But the line was never available in promo, well, not until this week.   And now, that's all changed.

In the past, when clients expressed a desire for custom Hydro Flask drinkware, I do have a highly recommended alternative; Basecamp.  So if these aren't in your budget, I would steer you to Basecamp, high-quality insulated drinkware that also does good by donating a portion of their proceeds to the Wounded Warrior foundation.  

If it is in your budget; Why should you put your brand on Hydro Flask?   Well, it's definitely one of the biggest names in drinkware, and enjoys a very hip, outdoorsy vibe.  Their quality is second to none, and they are what you would term first among peers.   Hydro Flask is also a brand that does good and is socially and environmentally conscious.

How do they do good?   First, they have their Refill-For-Good program, which seeks to eliminate 2 million single-use plastic bottles on college and university campuses.   And then there is their awesome Parks for All program, which supports non-profits seeking equitable access to parks. 

This is just a really good company, with fantastic corporate values, amazing name-recognition, and cultural cache. Branding a Hydro Flask is good for your brand too.  


Let's take a look at the Hydro Flask options now available with your logo:


 First up is the Custom Hydro Flask® Standard Mouth With Flex Cap 21oz. 


custom hydro flask bottle with logo


  Hydro Flask® Wide Mouth With Flex Sip Lid™ 20oz


custom hydro flask water bottle personalized with logo





The Hydro Flask® All Around™ Tumbler 20oz


custom hydro flask tumbler with logo





The Awesome Hydro Flask® Wide Mouth With Flex Cap 32oz



custom hydro flask water bottle with logo




And finally, the Custom Hydro Flask® 12 oz Coffee Mug


custom hydro flask coffee mug with logo






Would I say that the introduction of Hydro Flask drinkware in the promotional industry is going to disrupt corporate holiday gift lists this year?  Nah, because I would never use that term.  Remember when everyone was a "disrupter"?  Every website had a mission statement about how they were disrupting this and disrupting that. I can't tell you how many men I met at in person networking meetings who tried to convince me they were a disrupter.  Sorry, they were always men.  I just report the facts!  I mean, some of them sounded like supervillain origin stories to be honest.  I used to laugh. 


But there's no doubt that a custom branded Hydro Flask bottle, thermos, or coffee mug instantly becomes one of the most desired corporate branding opportunities of 2022.  

You can also find all of the above choices in our Best Corporate Gifts of 2022 showroom here.  

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