Custom Desktop and Office Promotional Item Trends

  • Sep 12, 2022


One of the most popular categories in imprinted promotional items is the desk and office category.  I absolutely love this category.  Whether an employee or top client is coming into the office, working from home, or, as is very common today, performing a hybrid work situation, they will need and use desktop and office products.   This category offers fantastic opportunities for branding. 

And trust me, these promo items are not boring!  They can be fun, colorful, highly useful, and long-lasting.   Gone are the days when a note cube was the height of a fancy custom office accessory.  You have so much more to choose from now. 

Let me show some of our most popular swag in this category, as well as some of my personal favs.  

First up, is one of my personal favorites, and a set that I have on my own desk and use all the time.  From personal experience, I can tell you when you gift someone this set, it will blow them away.  I sent them to all our clients of course, but then I made the mistake of taking several to a networking meeting.  “I’m not sure how many people will want this,” I actually thought to myself.   What happened?  I had to promise everyone there I would come back with more next week.  They were wild for these.  Also, even college students in my extended family wanted one.    So, I learned from experience that this is one of the top custom desktop gifts you can give to anyone.  

First I am going to show you the entire kit, which comes in an awesome matching colorful gift box, and then I will show you each piece inside, separately.  Because everything in this set is available separately.  

All of these items are from the “Up Your Standard” line.  Indeed!


custom desktop promotional items 2022




Gorgeous right?


And here is the Up Your Standard stapler:


desktop promotional products for 2022



The tape dispenser:

desktop office promotional product ideas



The cute pen cup:


custom promotional products for the office


Desk organizer tray:


promotional products for the desktop and office



And finally, 3 of these matching gel-tipped pens!


custom gel pens with logo



You can see why I love this one!

Next, let’s look at some cool mouse pads.  Mouse pads can’t be cool you say?  Just settle down, and let me show you.

First up is the Smart Stand mouse pad.  With its built-in phone stand and Sticky Pad® technology  to keep the stand securely gripped to the desk.  Featuring  a two-hole organizer and a huge full color imprint space.  This one makes a lasting impression.


custom mouse pads with logo



Here is our Eco-rest mouse pad.  Made with recycled materials and featuring a super-comfy wrist rest and antimicrobial properties built in to protect it from odors & stains.  And of course the full color large imprint space!


custom promotional mouse pads with logo



And lastly, our awesome NoWire Mouse Pad!  Featuring a 10W fast Qi charger and full color imprint space.  Charges your phone while you’re working. 


custom wireless charging mouse pad with logo



I’ve always loved The Wedge as a desktop phone stand.  It’s unique and beautiful, a soft, comfy home for your phone.  Then the cool kids at Toddy came up with this.  The Wedge with a built-in wireless charger. The Wireless Wedge supports virtually all smartphones and wirelessly charges them with 7.5/10W of power.


custom desktop accessories with logo

Here is a fun one!  A desktop gumball machine!  This is really thinking outside the box and will surprise and delight employees and clients alike.  And you don’t have to choose gumballs as your fill.  You can choose from gumballs, peppermints, jelly beans, and even your own corporate color-matched candy coated chocolates!


custom desktop promotional products

Ring Lights are the new must-have desk accessories for both home and office of course.  We’re all on camera for work these days, aren’t we?  I miss the time I could have a bad hair day with no one the wiser, but here we are!  We have lots of choices on ring lights, but I happen to love this one for its premium, retail-level individual packaging.  


custom ring lights with logo



Our new Standium is a must-have desktop accessory.  Gently holds your headphones, keeping them clean, in easy reach, and safe from spills.


new trade show giveaways 2022


Custom desktop accessories are one of our most popular category requests.  We have tons of choices for every budget and project goal, so contact us for more ideas!  I wanted to show you some of our favorites for this year though.  I have used and still use every item above.  I enjoy being able to recommend products I personally use and have sold and received fantastic feedback on.  And our clients depend on that personal experience and touch.  But I could do this all day as Cap says, so if you have some time and are in need of ideas, call us and I’ll be happy to bend your ear. 


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