Corporate Holiday Gifts 2018

  • Oct 19, 2018

I swear by good branded drinkware.  Maybe you are feeling uncertain about what to gift your clients and employees this year, and I am here to tell you; give them an awesome piece of high quality drinkware.

I have been giving drinkware to clients for years and so many of them still have the very first bottle I gifted them.  They all have their favorites of course, but these do not get thrown away.  

I need water constantly.  My closest friend has always referred to me as her "delicate flower", even though I do not look particularly dainty.  I mean, dainty is not a word I usually bring to mind in others.  But I am undercover delicate, that I cannot deny.  And much like the delicate flower, I need to be watered frequently.  I wilt fast.  And when I wilt, I have what have become known as "episodes" among my social circle.  One of them ended in a faint, a head bump, and an ambulance ride.  

So you better believe I am all about always, always, having cold water on me.  For that reason, my tastes tend to run to drinkware that will keep my water cold.  Others, are all about keeping their coffee hot.  Whatever your poison, this blog is all going to be about new, beautiful, vacuum insulated drinkware for your corporate gifts for clients and employees.  

We definitely consider these some of the best corporate gifts of 2018.  Very on trend for corporate gifts for employees and clients.


First up is the new this month Honeycomb Stainless Steel Bottle. Love the gorgeous look and feel of this!  You can click on the pictures below for product details.


corporate holiday gifts 2018


This next one is the Matte Finish Stainless Steel Bottle.  I love this one and have it on my desk right now, in white.  The bottom of the cap is black and we put a matching black imprint on it - talk about sleek!  Love the matte look and feel as well.  Classy is the word here.


corporate gifts for clients 2018


This Vortex 22 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler comes with a full color gift box AND some hot cocoa.  Homerun!


new corporate gifts 2018


Love the new Hugo Twist and this gorgeous gift set is to die for!

corporate gift ideas 2018



Another new, stylish, and on trend stunner - the H2go Sync!

best corporate gifts 2018

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