Best New Custom Drinkware Releases 2023

  • Jan 2, 2023

Custom drinkware is Snag Your Swag's top selling promotional product category.  Is that because we love drinkware so much?  It's the age old "which came first, the chicken or the egg" thing.   Do we attract clients who already  love drinkware, or are we so good at finding the best new releases in drinkware every year that it nudges our clients to this category?  Does it matter?  

When you put your company's logo on a great tumbler or mug, you are accomplishing everything that is great about swag.  First of all, these pieces simply do not get thrown out.  Job one in swag is keeping promo items out of landfills and getting our clients a large return on their investment.  We strongly steer our clients away from cheap promotional items for these two reasons.  One, we want your marketing dollars to deliver the best and longest lasting impressions.  And two, environmental consciousness is in our core.  

So now we have a category that will be used and reused, stay out of landfills, and keep your brand front and center in your recipient's awareness.  Let's add to that!  Single use plastics are OUT.  O. U. T.   Everyone has switched to reusable water bottles.  Now, it's just a matter of finding the best fit for your brand's image, and budget. 

Let's take a look at the newest branded drinkware releases that just dropped for January 2023.  Feel free to click on any of the pictures for product detail and ordering information. 

First up, is an amazing piece I think of as "The American".  Stanley is such a quintessentially American brand.  Stanley brings to mind cowboys, cowgirls! and Chevy trucks, right?  Stanley stands up.  Their gorgeous 40 oz stainless steel travel tumbler has not previously been available in promo, but that changed as of today.  The demand for this has been off the charts, and promo comes through again. 


custom drinkware with logo 2023





Late last year Hydro Flask®  entered the promo world,  and boy did that make a splash!  We had so many clients order these for their holiday gifts for employees and clients.  And we know Hydro Flask®  will continue to be a hugely popular seller in 2023.  Hydro Flask® is a very hip brand with big Millennial/Gen Z energy.  Their mission statement highlights #RefillForGood.  Here is my favorite out of their line.



Hydro Flask® Wide Mouth With Flex Sip Lid™ 20 Oz. Tumbler

best corporate gifts of 2023


Klean Kanteen is another brand that is well-recognized and appreciated by Gen Z and Millenials.  They know this brand and what it vibes about your company.  Klean Kanteen released exciting news this year!  "The TKWide collection is now manufactured using certified 90% post-consumer recycled 18/8 stainless steel. And by 2023, 95% of Klean Kanteen products will be made from the new recycled steel, resulting in substantial impact reductions."  Snag Your Swag will be all in with Klean Kanteen this year.  Putting your logo on this line is just fantastic way to communicate your own brand values.   There will be a lot to choose from in this line, and here is one of my favorites:


Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic 20 Oz. Bottle W/Loop Cap


custom klean kanteen with logo




Here is a line from Asobu® I would like to tell you about.  Asobu® makes some of the  most gorgeous high-end drinkware on the market.  A lot of the drinkware you see for sale in Starbucks is Asobu®.   This past December, we chose their insulated coffee mug as part of our client thank you gifts.  Now, I happen to drink my coffee black, and enjoy it very hot.  So I have always had my morning coffee in a stainless steel tumbler.   I guess I was so used to it that way, I never noticed that there is a slight metallic taste from the tumbler.   Until I began using this mug below:


Asobu® Ultimate Vacuum Insulated Coffee Mug


corporate gift ideas 2023 

What makes it different?  Asobu's No Metal Taste ceramic lining. It is still a double-walled, copper-lined, vacuum-insulated stainless steel mug.  So you get all of what's great about that, keeping your beverage hot etc.  With the ceramic lining that makes it like drinking out of a ceramic mug.  It's been a game changer for me.  I don't think I'm alone because they have expanded this line for 2023.  Here is one that is coming early this year:





best custom drinkware 2023


That shade of blue is just gorgeous too, right?  


Here are two more fabulous new pieces from Asobu, being released in early 23.   Yes, I am a bit of an Asobu stan!  You will be two once you have one.  First up, is the Marina.  What I love about this; this is a spill-proof straw tumbler with a detachable insulated coffee mug!  Just fabulous, come on!




custom drinkware with your logo 2023



Second up is the Electrolyte.  Why I love it: it is so perfect for storing electrolyte powder packets or supplements with two built-in, removable storage compartments. Made of durable durable TritanTM, 40 ounces, and features an easy-to-carry handle and a leak-proof drinking spout.


The Asobu Electrolyte

custom drinkware with logo 2023



Next up is Elemental's iconic fidget water bottle.  Elemental has such a fascinating backstory, and is dedicated to eco-conscious production and materials.  I chose their new fidget water bottle because it's so fun, useful, and comes in amazing colors!  But their entire line is gorgeous.  Elemental's patented design incorporates TRIPLE-wall insulation, delivering 24 hours for cold drinks or 12 hours for hot! 



custom elemental water bottle with logo


I'm going to leave you (for now!) with this new water  bottle.  I love how clever this with its consideration of how heavy stainless steel water bottles can sometimes be.  This beauty keeps all of the best features and is 30% lighter than average.  



17 Oz. Econscious Microlite Hydration Bottle

best corporate gifts 2023



Thank you for visiting and see you soon!  Until next time, keep an eye on our Best Trade Show Giveaways of 2023 showroom here.  And our Best Corporate Gifts of 2023 showroom here.  That's where we drop the newest and best swag as it is released all year long. 



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