Best Corporate Gifts of 2017

  • Aug 7, 2017

The Best Corporate Gifts of 2017


Over  the coming months we are going to explore some of the best and latest in corporate gifts.  Including trends, classics, tech, and food gifts.  We all want our clients to remember our holiday gifts.  What people remember most strongly is how something or someone made them feel.  That feeling can last for years.  I have a friend who, two decades later, still remembers how she felt when she exchanged Christmas gifts with her first boyfriend.  It was their first gift-giving event.  She spent a lot of time and thought on his gift, not to mention, a bit of money.  He gave her a used concert t shirt.  Sure, we laugh about it now, but you know how we all laugh through the sting of bad nostalgia.  No, I'm not the friend!  There  really is a friend! Listen, I have my own holiday horror stories, but most of them involve my family, not exes, and we'll get to them soon enough. 

Anyway, no used shirts at Snag Your Swag!  We will guide you through the best at every price level, as you elevate your brand and create good, lasting impressions. 


First up is a Snag Your Swag favorite corporate gift, the PowerFolio.

These beautiful and trendy Folios come in both Jr. and full size.  Both sizes have a built-in, 5,000 mAh! power bank.

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The Claremont


2017's Best Corporate Gifts


Linen Junior-Size Full Zip Portfolio With Built In 5000 Mah Powerbank. Interior Includes: Tech-Rich Features (Collapsible Smartphone/tablet Stand; Tech Pockets And Loops) Card Holder; Pen Loop; And Polypropylene Spiral Bound Notebook (50 Pages).  micro Usb Charging 5000 Mah Powerbank With ; Feature Rich Interior Organization ; Matte Black Gift Box Included 


The Fremont


2017Linen Like Fabric Cover Full-Zip Portfolio Includes Built-In 5,000 Mah Powerbank With Charging Cord And Charge Indicator On The Back; Interior Tablet Sleeve And Pocket For Devices; Business Card Holder; Elastic Webbing For Cords And Accessories; 60 Sheets Lined Pad; Matte Black Gift Box Included. 


Here is something completely different and awesomely unique: Snag Your Swag's Appeel line:


2017's Best Corporate GiftsThe Appeel® line products are made from apple peels that are ground and emulsified into an organic paper. This ground breaking eco friendly product is animal friendly, sustainable and all natural.  They also have a lovely, light, apple scent.  We love these!  The most unique eco friendly product we have ever come across.  These will impress.


The Reversible Umbrella Trend


Reversible umbrellas are hot on retail this year, and getting hotter every month with new introductions to the line.  They are selling out at the retail level, and will make amazing gifts with your logo on them.  Here are some of our favorites:


best corporate gift 2017

2017 best corporate gifts


best corporate gifts 2017


To browse more of Snag Your Swag's Top Corporate Gifts of 2017 picks, go here. 



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