Best Corporate Gifts For Clients July 2018

  • Jul 8, 2018

Now that it's July, many people's fancy turns to beaches, sun, sand, and I don't know? Scuba-diving?  Whatever it is outdoorsy people like to do in 100 degrees.  I like to sit inside with dark rum pina coladas and air conditioning, so that's a topic I cannot speak on with any authority.  But I hear that people are doing stuff!  Anyway, my fancy turns to corporate gifts for the 2018 holiday season.  Which in turn leads to my wondering what I'm going to get for my beloved family and friends this year.  I'm thinking gift-wrapped reminder notices of the cash they owe me won't be considered reflective of the "spirit of the holiday".  Or so I have been informed. 

Then I start thinking about what I may want to gift to our clients.  That's when I get excited because cool swag is in my blood.  Once fall 2018 arrives, we are going to see some really amazing new corporate gifts coming out.  That's something I look forward to every year.   But what's hot right now in corporate gifts for clients?  

Utilizing the panache of hot retail brands is a big trend this year, and will only grow bigger.  I want to show you some of my favorite retail brand corporate gifts right now.




I love Corkcicle.  This is a brand with real panache.  I mean, even Oprah loves Corkcicle.  This first item is one of my favorites, and newly available for your 2018 corporate client gifts.  You can click on the pictures below for product details.


best corporate gifts for clients 2018




This one is also radically cool:


corporate gifts for clients 2018

Moving on from whiskey and sin (do we want to move on?), below is the Corkcicle that started the biggest trend in drinkware.  The instantly classic stainless steel stemless:


best corporate gifts 2018


This one is supercool, especially for tech and finance companies:


corporate gift ideas 2018



Here's another of my favorite retail brands for corporate client gifts, Cross.  Check out these awesome new for 2018 Cross TrackR Pens.  Luxury writing instrument meets tech coolness.  To misquote Freud  - sometimes a pen is not just a pen! Some of the hot features on this pen: 

Protect your investment with TrackR’s crowdsourced location network of 1MM+ users

Track your pen’s last known location via a smartphone app

Connect from up to 100 feet via Bluetooth®

Set optional alerts to notify you if your pen gets separated from your phone

Locate your misplaced phone (even on silent mode!) with a tap of the pen’s button

Lifetime Mechanical Guarantee


best new corporate gifts 2018

 2018 best corporate gift ideas


best corporate client gifts 2018


hottest corporate gifts of 2018

trending corporate gifts 2018



For someone like me, who loses every single thing, Chipolo has been a godsend.  I remember when I used to make fun of my then-boyfriend who was older than me, because he would always ask me if I saw his glasses AND THEY WOULD BE ON HIS HEAD.  Well, fast forward, and guess what?  That's now me.  In fact, on one really memorable "hello dummy" occasion, I had TWO pairs of glasses on top of my head and couldn't find them.  


new corporate gifts 2018

new corporate gifts 2018

That's it for the corporate gifts for clients update for July, 2018.  Come back in a few days for our next blog!  In the meantime, don't forget to check out our best corporate gifts of 2018 showroom here, and our best trade show giveaways of 2018 showroom here.  Constantly updated with hot, new, trending swag!

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