2022's Trade Show Giveaways & Corporate Gift Trends

  • Jan 22, 2022

What trends are forming for your 2022 trade shows, events, and corporate gifting needs?  Let's take a look!  Click on pictures for item details and pricing.

This first one is something we are very excited about here.  We LOVE when Promo goes Shark Tank.  The cool kids at Shark Tank had Phone Soap in the promo industry a couple of years before Covid when everyone wanted them and there were knockoffs galore.  What have they brought us this year?  The Phoozy!


hot trade show giveways 2022



Expanding on the 2021 trend of all things ZOOM, and let's face it, all things selfies.  Because we are all taking selfies!  And all facetiming.  It's certainly not all about your job.  We are doing this in our personal lives too, and we want to be well-lit!  And we are loving the "Mc" line!


new corporate gifts 2022


top corporate gifts 2022



2022's trending corporate gifts




We will keep the trends coming!  Check out our best trade show giveaways of 2022 showroom here.  And our top corporate gifts of 2022 show room here.  Constantly updated as new swag is released and new trends form. 

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