2021 Top Trends in Trade Show Giveaways & Promotional Products

  • Dec 1, 2020

You will see events come back in 2021 and when things really look good, they'll come back in a BIG way.

When they do, what should you put your logo on to attract positive attention, booth traffic, and leave a lasting impression?   Through at least the first half of 2021, you can still brand a clever mask.  It doesn't have to be just your logo!  That's where many go wrong.  Let Snag Your Swag come up with some great options for you.  Something people will actually want to wear. Yeah, we're good at that.  


Hand sanitizers were always really big at trade shows.  I grabbed those myself at any show I attended.  Half the time I had to take the subway, and then all the hand-shaking (never a fan), and public restrooms, I wanted that stuff.  And now in a post-Covid world, yeah, hand sanitizers are going to be very popular for the foreseeable future.   Again, we can mock up something really fun, clever, or artsy and colorful for you.  You can stand out even with a hand sanitizer.  You've got us!


So what actual products will be trending for 2021 giveaways?   That's already shaping up so let's get to it.  You can click on any of the pictures for detailed product info. 


Zoom and Facetime are going nowhere, so specialty lighting products are going to continue to be introduced and snapped up.  


I love the new Selfie Lights and I have one I use often.  I put "My 2021 Glow Up" on some of these and am giving them to my girlfriends as little somethings for the holiday season.   People love these, definitely put your brand on these and give them out.  They'll be kept and used.



2021 top event giveaways




Here is a Zoom light that is also a web cam privacy cover.  LOVE this.  Two hot products in one.


2021 trade show giveaways

We are going to have a more remote workforce than ever, and that's permanent.  I read so many articles about larger companies realizing productivity has stayed level and even risen during state lockdowns that they're moving to a much larger telecommuting workforce permanently.  Lots of workers will be working from home at least part of the week.  Staying connected is going to be a big part of who we are in our post-covid world, and that's on many levels.  But let's go basic connectiveness and helping workers stay connected from home. 


I LOVE this new for 2021 charging cord because it's fast and useful, and has magnets that wrap it!  It's so cool and does away with annoying tangled cord issues.  


2021 top trending promotional products


This one below was just released this week.  It's a bit too pricey for trade shows, but WOW what an amazing client and employee gift.  This 1080P HD Webcam with Microphone will work with everything from Zoom to Skype to Facetime.  This will be huge.  

 2021 top trending corporate gifts



Hot-in-retail will continue to ignite the promotional industry.  I love this about us.    Huge brands keep coming aboard, and there's no much we can offer.  But it's not just brands.  What's hot in fashion and general retail always influences swag.  Here is one of my favorite new bottles incorporating the huge tie-dye trend.  This was just released and sold out immediately, though you know I got a few for myself.    This is a silicone, collapsible, tie-dye water bottle.  It's really awesome in person.  I did the peace sign, just to really get into the vibe.  But you can engrave your logo obviously.  And imagine these at any kind of outdoor event or festival with your logo and the date engraved on top.  I see this in our Summer of Swag kickoff bags, maybe with a beach towel or some headphones, a phone fan...as you can see summer 2021 simply CANNOT get here fast enough for me.  


 top 2021 promotional product trends





I love this because it has the spray on one side and the cleaning cloth on the other.  Just so succinct.  This is such a cool giveaway and one I would absolutely grab, keep, and use.   


2021 new trade show giveaways





That's just a sampling, please check out our best trade show giveaways of 2021 showroom here.  We constantly update this all year long as hot new products are released and trends emerge.   You won't miss a trick!

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