2018 New and Trending Trade Show Giveaways

  • Mar 15, 2018

So, how's your year going so far?  I literally typed "so fat" instead of far, and had to correct that!  Freudian slip?  I dunno.  I didn't make any New Year's resolutions, but I will admit I want to lose 15 pounds so I joined Jenny Craig.   After weeks on it, I lost a  pound and a half.  You had to see the scene I made the week I lost half a pound and the counselor actually cheered. 

My counselor, hopping around like some deranged cheerleader:

 "YAY!  Guess what?  YOU LOST HALF A POUND!!" 

Look, this is a family-friendly blog so I will keep it clean.  I responded by screaming:


Or, you know, a less Disney version of that.

In January I was eating whatever I wanted and having a high ole time.  I was happy.  I was happy!  Now I suffer through the days eating 4 small vacuum packed ravioli for dinner (and you know the really sad part of that is that they have you so desperate, you hungrily wonder why there aren't MORE of those pathetic things in the package) and I LOST HALF A POUND??!  WHY ARE YOU DANCING AROUND THE SCALE?  ARE YOU A LUNATIC?

That session didn't end well, and I am not totally certain I'm welcome back at that location.  

Anyway...how's your year going so far?

Well, you didn't come here for diet tips (and if you did, you came to the wrong place).  You come here for the newest, best and most on-trend SWAG.  So here we go.  What are the big trends in trade show giveaways in 2018?

As we hit the dread Ides of March (I like a little drama, so sue me) we have a really strong feel for what the big trends are in 2018.  For trade shows, for corporate swag, for incentives, but also in fashion and on retail.  Retail and fashion trends directly, and very quickly, impact swag and all methods of branding.  

One of the newest and biggest trends in trade show giveaways for 2018, are cable and tech organizers.  Today, nobody goes anywhere without their phones and other devices.  And we need to keep them charged.  We need to stay connected.  We all have cords and cables and chargers for this.  Lots of them.   I've been doing this a while, and I'll tell you, if you give one of these with your brand on it?  It will be kept.  It will be used.  Every day.  

Here are some of our favorite, and best-selling options.  Click on the pictures below for product pricing and detail:


best new trade show giveaways 2018



2018 best new trade show giveaways



hottest trade show giveaways of 2018


unique trade show giveaways 2018

Another techy item that has taken off are the cords themselves.  Especially the newest models that incorporate the C connector.  These cables are HOT for 2018 trade show giveaways.  You cannot go wrong with any of the below.  Again, click on pictures for product details and pricing:


2018 best trade show giveaways


unique trade show giveaways for 2018


best trade show giveaways of 2018



And finally, here is a real breakout star of 2018 trade show giveaway trends: the web cam cover.  These are awesome, hot, on-trend, useful, and everyone wants one.  The first model here is a full color best seller of ours.   Very easy to add an instruction card, or even a fully customized branded insert card.  The second model is for when you really want to WOW folks.  Just that little bit extra.  Click on the pictures for product detail and pricing:


best trade show giveaways of 2018


2018 best trade show giveaways


So that is The Ides of March update on the best trade show giveaways of 2018!  We will be back with more, but in the meantime, don't forget to check out our hottest trade show giveaways of 2018 showroom here. 

We are constantly updating our showroom with hot new product releases, developing trends, new colors, etc.  Snag Your Swag, your 2018 trade show headquarters!


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