2017's Hottest Corporate Gifts

  • Sep 4, 2017

Of course, summer doesn't technically end until September 22nd, but we all know it's really over the Tuesday after Labor Day.  The kids go back to school, the stores are decked out for Halloween, and there's no longer a totally legit reason to drink mai tais every day.  I mean, I really was perfecting them.  I finally landed on a mix of Myers dark rum, Cointreau, Amaretto, and pineapple juice.  Sure it sounds simple, but you have to get the mix of ingredients just right.  That takes practice okay?  


Anyway, with summer over, a young woman's fancy often turns to...shopping.  I like to shop. I especially like to shop for clients.  Which is probably best to do sans mai tais anyway.  Just trust me on this, you don't need to know how I know. 


So, I have already turned  to what I'm going to send our awesome clients for holiday thank you's.  And I am going to share some of our best trends and hottest corporate gifts with you, here.   I mean, between this and the fact that I just shared my perfect mai tai recipe with you, I feel I am giving you both value and authenticity.


By the way, did you know that "authenticity" is the big buzz word now?  Everywhere I go marketing people are all abuzz over their "authentic selves".  If you spend enough time around the ones I know, you might be tempted to think they are overestimating the appeal of their authentic selves, but you must never, ever say this.  Just trust me on this, you don't need to know how I know. 


Today I'm going to begin with one of my favorite hot on retail trends, backpacks.


Retail sales of backpacks surged up 22% in 2016.  What's so awesome is you see them everywhere.  Many people use them for traveling,  but just as many use them for work.  In Washington D.C., NYC, Chicago, etc, you will see billions, or at least thousands, of suit-clad business people wearing backpacks, and of course they are ubiquitous on the corporate campuses of Silicon Valley and Seattle.


Here are some of my favorite branded backpacks.  To see further details and pricing, just click on the picture of the backpack that interests you. And feel free to shoot us your logo for free virtuals on any of these.   

The Mission Pack

Embarcadero Pack




elleven Vapor TSA 17 Computer Backpack




elleven™ Squared TSA 15" Computer Backpack


2017's Best Corporate Gifts



Basecamp™ Globetrotter Laptop Backpack



For more awesome Corporate Gift ideas, visit our special Hottest Corporate Gifts of 2017 page here. 

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