2017 Grammy Gift Bags

  • Feb 11, 2017

Or as we at Snag Your Swag like to call it - The 2017 Grammy Swag Bag

The contents of the 2017 Grammy Gift Bag have been revealed and this year's Grammy Swag Bag is worth a whopping $30,000.00.  

I've always wondered if the stars at these events really use the items in their bags, haven't you?  Well, one of the goodies in this year's bag is a  lip balm.  Now, I defy anyone to tell me they wouldn't use a good lip balm.  I'm addicted to lip balm! Is Taylor Swift addicted too?  Okay, now that I can't tell you - I've no idea.  Is Taylor Swift going to the 2017 Grammys?  I don't even think she is.  Are Beyonce, Rihanna, and Adele going to the 2017 Grammys?  They better be!  The Grammys are my favorite awards show (fight me!) and I look forward to the awesome musical acts every year.

Anyway, back to the Swag Bag. If I was going to pick one item in the 2017 Grammy Swag Bag that the highest percentage of famous recipients will use,  you know I'm going with the lip balm.

Any Swag Bag we give out will always have at least 1 lip balm. Here's one of our favorites:

Product image: LB0_group.jpg

You can click on that picture for further details.  This lip balm is made from natural beeswax and  was voted best tasting and smelling lipstick made in the USA.  And it comes in 100 flavors! I'm currently addicted to Pina Colada. 

Another fav is the EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balms.  

Product image: EOS-LIPB_group.jpg

You can click on that picture for more info.  EOS is 100% natural, packed with Vitamin E, and available in:  Summer Fruit/Red, Strawberry Sourbet/Pink, Medicated Tangerine/Orange, Honeysuckle Honeydew/Green, Blueberry/Blue, Lemon Drop SPF15/Yellow, Sweet Mint/Light Blue

We love giving out these flavorful beer can lip balms!  For when you really want to standout.

Product image: BEER-CAN-LIP_group.jpg

You can click on that picture for more info.  These are available in 100 flavors and that's not including custom flavors, like beer! These are awesome and also available in mini soda cans.

What else is in the 2017 Grammys Gift Bag?  Oh, just items like an $8,850.00 trip to Southern California's Golden Door Spa. We can't help you with that.  Especially since my idea of the perfect vacation is sitting on a Caribbean beach getting as much rum and delicious food into my mouth as possible!

If you'd like to custom brand your very own Grammy-like swag bag, here's what we can and cannot assist with.

Crayons (that we can help with, click here)

A Neck Pillow for Air Travel (yep, we've got that, click here)

Chocolates (oh yeah, we've got those, click here)

A Large Free Pizza (nah, we don't have those, but we do know the best pizza place...)


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