2017 Corporate Gift Ideas

  • Oct 23, 2017

Corporate Gifts 2017 - Custom Packaging


Custom packaging can really elevate your gift.  Often, the minimums are too sky high for custom packaging to be an option.  You might not need 2500 client and employee gifts, but you'd still like to have the option because it matters to you. 


I spend a lot of time wrapping my holiday gifts.  Honestly, sometimes they turn out so nicely I really don't want anyone to unwrap them.  Does that ever happen to you?  Costco has these absolutely amazing gift tags that I buy every year.  Nice wrapping paper and some ribbon and I really go to town.  I love it!  And it really does change the whole look of the gift.  I know some in my family used to feel disappointed when they opened them.  If you've read  my previous blogs, you know the story with them.   Anyway,  I think they got so excited by how incredible the package looked, that they thought I splurged on Louis Vuitton bags for them or something.  Now that is funny. Before I started giving them high end branded tech items I do to thank my clients, there were some tense familial holiday moments over the years.   


Of course, when you're gifting clients, you do have to have something nice to put INTO the awesome box.  You may have a family member or two you want to head fake for laughs, but not clients!  I used to work with this guy Angelo. (this is a true  story, I swear).  Angelo got a used and  empty Godiva box, and bought a Whitman sampler.  He gave it to his friend in our corporate packaging department, and they put those Whitmans into the Godiva box, and sealed it.   He then gifted it to the woman he was dating, which they thought was hilarious.  I told him he was an idiot and having worked closely with him if he found a woman who was willing to go on even a second date with him, he shouldn't be playing games.   But the men I work with never  take my dating advice, and the woman they date never listen to me when I pull them into the ladies' room and warn them, "girl, get out now."   If I had a dollar for every time I've heard "I should have listened to you".  


So, anyway, yes, you do need  something fabulous to put inside your fabulous box.  Fear not!  We've got this.


Below are some of Snag Your Swag's favorite corporate gifts for 2017, that include custom packaging.  AND, each of the below items is on early order special.  Email, chat, or phone us for your discount code. Click on pictures for product details. 


Round Ornament With Custom Window Box

best corporate gifts 2017

Bamboo Cutting Board With Custom Box


corporate gifts 2017


14 Oz. Moscow Mule Barrel Mug with Custom Box


best corporate gifts 2017

Slanted Cube Wireless Speaker With Custom Box


corporate gifts 2017

20 Oz. Tumbler With Custom Box

corporate gifts 2017


Power Buddy Stylus Pen With Custom Box


hottest corporate gifts 2017

16 Oz. Stainless Steel Bottle With Custom Box


2017 corporate gifts

24 Oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler with Custom Box


corporate gifts 2017

Winter Combo Set With Custom Box


2017 corporate gifts


Metal Brick Speaker With Custom Box


2017 corporate gifts

If you have a type of gift not listed here that you would like custom packaged, please call us.  And don't forgot to browse Snag Your Swag's hot picks for best corporate gifts of  2017 here.

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