11 New Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients Will Love In 2018

  • Oct 28, 2018

Looking for unique corporate gifts for your clients and employees this year?  Feel as if you've exhausted your list of ideas, and done everything before?  Well, you've come to the right place!

Some of the best gifts you can give are those that imbibe a feeling of wellness, coziness, and warmth.  Snag Your Swag has some amazing new sets that evoke all of these awesome feelings, and that will really make you and your brand stand out.  Please click on the pictures below for item details.




NEW Limelight set

best corporate gifts 2018




 NEW - Snowed In Gift Set


Doesn't this amazing gift set just excite feelings of warmth and coziness?  This set is so perfect for both client and employee corporate gifts in 2018.





hot corporate gifts 2018




The Speakeasy


This one makes me want to curl up next to the fire with a great book and a bourbon old fashioned!


hot corporate gifts for clients 2018



Candle Light Bluetooth Speaker


This one just arrived on the scene this very week.  Isn't it awesome?  I immediately want this sitting on my cocktail table giving off a soothing light and playing tunes.  


corporate gift trends 2018



Regency Striped Blanket™


There is nothing like a soft, cozy blanket to keep you toasty all winter long.  We love this beautiful new option for your 2018 employee and client gifts.


hot corporate gift trends 2018




I love hot chocolate so much!  One of my favorite things each winter is the first snowfall when I have my first cup of hot chocolate.  These are such great gifts to receive.



Casablanca™ Coffee Cups & Hot Chocolate Spoons Gift Set

hot corporate gifts for 2018



Empire™ Thermos & Ghirardelli® Deluxe Gift Set


new corporate gifts for 2018



Casablanca™ Journals/Coffee Cups/Hot Chocolate Spoons Gift Set




best corporate gifts of 2018


This beautiful and unique bluetooth speaker comes in retail-level packaging, and includes a full color digital imprint.  Its one piece minimum makes it easy to personalize with recipient's name.  Not only does this make an unforgettable gift, it's can be a unique employee award.



Sonosphear Bluetooth Speaker


hot corporate gifts 2018




This is one of those amazing gift kits, its beauty in its simplicity.  A bluetooth speaker AND tru wireless ear buds?  Of course.  This is what we all want, need, and use.  Every single week.   The fact that this comes with a full color digital imprint on both items, and the metal plate on the gift box, and can be personalized?  Icing.




The MusicBox Kit



best corporate gifts for clients





Okay, and now we're going to close with one of the most unique and totally awesome corporate gifts ever.  This is a Snag Your Swag fav.  You've got everything here, name brand (Frio), retro hipness, beauty, and usefulness.  Love!




Frio Retro Combo Cooler & Cups


hot corporate gifts 2018




Hey, don't forget to check out our hottest corporate gifts showroom here.  We constantly update this all year long with the newest trends.  Have a trade show coming up in 2019?  Bookmark our hottest trade show giveaways showroom here.  We are already incorporating 2019's best trade show giveaways and they are released ahead of the new product expo in January!

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